‘Messi found me crying in the bathroom’; Neymar and his worst day at Barca

The Neymar stage at Barcelona maybe it wasn’t that long but it is very profitable, because 2013 to 2017 was made of 10 titlesincluding a Champions Leaguebut their beginnings as Culé they were a bit stormyWell, there was a day when Lionel Messi found him crying in the bathroom.

Neymar just released ‘The perfect chaos’a series on netflix which will reveal tickets of the Brazilian life on and off the pitch, where in this beginning he already revealed one of the worst moments that happened in Barcelona, ​​which he was able to overcome due to the help of Lio messi.

What happened to Neymar at Barcelona?

According to the testimony of Neymar in his series, when just arrived at Barcelona had many Problems of adaptation, since he he only spoke portuguese and obviously in LaLiga he had to speak Spanishsomething that made it difficult for him to connect with his teammates and play as he was used to.

Memory To this day, he was a match against Athletic Bilbao, I’m crying at locker roomat bath… Spoke to me MessiI was crying and I explained: my spanish is more or lessI can’t play, I can’t be myself”, said Neymar in ‘The Perfect Chaos’.

Messias good leader and friend of Neymar, encouraged him to go ahead as he knew language was a major barrier but the brazilian should only do what you knew play soccer, Well, he hadn’t come to Barcelona for nothing. His words in the club bathroom changed his perspective.

“When arrive, I saw that he went quickly (to the bathroom), his head was down. Suddenly, I saw that he was crying. I tried to comfort him, calm him down, let him loosen up and not think about anything other than playing football. His situation was not easy. for all the expectations that it had generated”, commented the Argentinian.

Finally and fortunately for Barcelona, Neymar connected in great shape with Leo Messi and forged one of the pairs most spectacular of those years (trident if it is added to Luis Suarez), where now everything is a ‘bitter memory’.

“Me I never taught him anything. I just think it was growing and improving, as is normal when you gain experience, age and games”, he confessed Messi on Neymar.

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