‘If Messi and Cristiano haven’t been world champions, why could Hugo?’

Carlos Hermosillo consider that if Leo Messi neither Cristiano Ronaldo they have won a world title why Hugo Sanchez would have gotten it in another selection? The former national soccer player considers that the declaration of the pentapichichi and that there could be no certainty that he had conquered a world.

“YES Messi, who is the best in the world, who has great players at his side, is not world champion. Because the (Hugo) could he be world champion in another team? And with Christian exactly the same.

“It is good that you are a great player, but things in life and more in football are taking place, accommodating you so that you reach the final goal,” said the former striker on the Mother Soccer podcast.

For the former historical attacker of Blue Crossthe main problem of ‘Hugol‘ have always been his statements, where he considers that he is attacking his former teammates from the 1986 and 1994 World Cups.

“The problem of Hugo Sanchez it was his mouth and sometimes we make mistakes and he added me, we speak with our stomach instead of thinking things through. Yes Hugo I would have stayed humble and not been so hotheaded, I would have achieved much more as a coach.

“As a player, he was undoubtedly the best, but this repeated statement seems very unfortunate to me. You are hitting your own teammates. What does it mean? What did you have bad companions? Nothing else you could play with Butragueño or Michelle?” he pointed out.

Luis García, Hugo Sánchez, Luis Miguel Salvador, Carlos Hermosillo and Zague with the Tricolor

Hermosillo revealed that Hugo He used to have many permits in the National Team due to his constant appearances in advertising spots, a situation that no coach stopped due to the hierarchy he had, as he considers to be the case today with Javier Hernandez Y Carlos candle.

“I had a lot of advertising commitments and I had a lot of permissions. Concentration is when you are one hundred percent focused, he was hardly there. He wasn’t there, so I think that’s why that World Cup wasn’t good at all. In training he was.

Hermosillo in play with Atlante

“He ends up against Germany pulled, massaging himself on the side of the pitch and he doesn’t play that game anymore. Didn’t even get in to participate. We all expected much more from him.

“Why were they so condescending to Pea Y Carlos candle? because they were the Pea Y Carlos candle. It’s the same, it was Hugo Sanchez. What were you going to say to Hugo Sanchez? At that time it was God in Mexico. It’s a complicated issue,” concluded the Telemundo commentator.


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