Francisco Javier, from Tropical Panama, left medicine to sing

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Tropical Panama is a popular musical group originating from San nicolas de los heros, Monterey. He has been nominated for a Latin Grammy and is behind successful songs like “The Girl I Dreamed Of”, “The Roro” Y “When will you come back love”. What few know is that its vocalist, Francisco Xavier Gonzalez, dropped out of medical school to devote himself to music.

During an interview for the show SNserious, Francisco Javier He reported that at first they only sang in Monterrey and even pointed out that the longest tour they had done at that time was to Saltillothis allowed continue with your studies.

“I had to leave her because the Tropical Panama started… There were no problems going to school because on Monday you wake up there at 7 in the morning, but then they send you to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and sometimes you have to make the decision, what are you going to do”, said the vocalist of Tropical Panama.

Due to the so tight schedule The singer finally decided to abandon his medical degree to focus on music, since his dream was always to sing.

Francisco Javier pointed out that studying medicine was his plan b; however, he stressed that has never regretted having dropped out of college.

“Never (I regretted it) because on stage I feel like a fish in water… The race started very strong, from one month to the next, already with high contracts, well paid“, He said.

‘The girl I dreamed of’, the song that took them to the Latin Grammy

The singer recalled that the musical theme earned them gold records in addition to the aforementioned nomination for Latin Grammy. He mentioned that the song, written by cold mooncame first to your hands.

“I was in the office of Óscar Flores and Alejandro Mancillas worked there, he told me: ‘this song is for you’, we started rehearsing it and then I liked it... I said: ‘that’s where I’m from’, very nice song. That song has brought us weddings and quinceañeras, “she said.


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