Chiefs fans donate to hospital linked to Josh Allen after Bills loss

Kansas City fans replicated a tradition Buffalo fans started by donating to charities in the community of their opposing teams

BUFFALO — Just days ago, Kansas City Chiefs delivered to the buffalo bills one of the most heartbreaking losses in franchise history.

fans of the chiefs, inspired by the fundraising spirit of the ‘Bills Mafia’, have decided to return the favor by turning their victory on Sunday into something positive for the community of buffalo, racking up more than $178,000 for Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo as of Wednesday morning, according to the hospital.

Beginning Tuesday, donations in increments of $13 began being sent to the hospital by fans of the chiefs in honor of the 13 seconds it took for the offense of Kansas City drive downfield to tie the game Divisional Round towards the end of regulation time. The chiefs they ended up winning 42-36 in the first series of overtime.

The original idea of ​​a Facebook group of Chiefs Kingdom was to donate in increments of 13 to the quarterback’s charitable organization patrick mahomes, the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation. That changed when fans of the chiefs learned more about the tradition of fans of the Bills about giving to the other teams. Thus, they directed their efforts towards one of the cities chosen by their opponent.

The Oishei Children’s Hospital became closely associated with the quarterback of the Bills, Josh Allen, after fans donated in increments of $17, totaling $1.1 million, in honor of the grandmother of AllenPatricia Allen, who passed away last year. Now, there is a Patricia Allen Pediatric Recovery Wing at the hospital, and the Patricia Allen Fund to benefit the critical care team and provide support for equipment, training, education and programs.

One of the most notable examples of the tradition of the Bills came in 2017 when quarterback andy dalton, and wide receiver Tyler Boyd, of the Cincinnati Bengals, connected for the winning touchdown over the Baltimore Ravens that led to Bills secure a playoff spot for the first time in 17 years.

In $17 increments, fans raised $442,000 for the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation. This year, fans of the Bills have led fundraising efforts in honor of cornerback Tre’Davious White after he suffered a torn ACL, donating to the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana in his hometown, among other organizations.

Last year, fans of the Bills fans donated to the Los Angeles quarterback foundation Ravens, Lamar Jackson, after the playoff victory over the ravens.

Although 13 seconds will probably never have a positive connotation again in buffalo, fans turning a disappointing ending into something positive for a different community is an inspiring tradition.

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