Aaron Rodgers’ future with the Packers is in doubt; Whats Next?

MIAMI — With great power comes great responsibility.

Aaron Rodgers is probably the most talented quarterback to ever come to the NFL, and because of that, “just one Super Bowl” seems like little in the eyes of his critics.

As if it was easy to win.

This past Saturday, his nemesis and the team of his youth, the San Francisco 49ers, eliminated Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers for the fourth time in the playoffs since 2012.

Green Bay was the top seed. The playoffs passed through Lambeau Field and this version of the Packers was much more physical than previous years, however, it was not enough and Rodgers’ critics quickly arrived again, waiting for this moment to “charge” him for an offseason and a campaign as unusual as it is controversial.

First came the photos in Hawaii with his girlfriend while his teammates were in a mini training camp; his flirtation with retirement; the chances of being the host of the television show Jeopardy; contract restructuring, which we will discuss in more detail a little further down; the outspoken press conference in which he criticized the Packers franchise; his anti-vaccine speech; the “pun immunized” from him; his injury; foot on camera; his criticism of the President of the United States and his words after another premature playoff loss.

“It wasn’t the way I thought this season would end,” Rodgers said after the loss to the 49ers at Lambeau Field. “The wound is fresh and only next week, I will sit down to talk with the franchise.”

Journalists aren’t supposed to overly criticize a player because they don’t match his off-field form, but here we are. Criticism comes in droves for an extraordinary player who at 38 years of age decided not to have a filter.

Personally, I don’t agree with much of what Rodgers did this year and I have expressed it at the time, but raising the level of criticism excessively now that Green Bay is eliminated, as a result of his past actions, doesn’t seem fair.

We can criticize his performance, given that the Packers’ offense was dominated by the 49ers’ defense after a terrific opening drive. The rest have alternative motives.

I would love for more players to show us their true colours, not to put themselves on tape to testify, but the way Rodgers is judged today is precisely why few players will open up and testify honestly on camera. and microphones.

Back to basics: What’s going to happen to Rodgers now?

On the surface, staying in Green Bay seems complicated. Angry that Jordan Love had been drafted and not extended, Rodgers essentially forced the franchise to restructure his deal in order to report to training camp in 2021.

Essentially, Rodgers reduced his cap impact and increased his cap impact for the coming season. If the quarterback decides to stay in Green Bay, he will have an impact of more than $46 million on the salary cap, an impossible number for the Packers, especially considering that they start this offseason $44.8 million over the cap.

In other words, Rodgers made sure he gets a long-term extension to minimize the impact on the salary cap or he’ll have to be traded to another franchise, and you can rest assured that the quarterback will have a say in that decision.

The good news for Green Bay is that if they decide to trade him, the price they will receive will be high.

As if that were not enough, Davante Adams, Robert Tonyan, Allen Lazard, De’Vondre Campbell and Kevin King, among others, will also be free agents and this is where the second problem for the Packers comes.

“I don’t want to be part of a rebuild,” Rodgers said. “Things are going to look different in Green Bay.”

I’ve always said, and maintain, that numbers are very manipulable in the NFL, but keeping Rodgers and the roster intact as it is now is simply not going to happen.

The quarterback’s relationship with general manager Brian Gutenkust has improved and I don’t rule out his staying in Green Bay or, at least, I think he’ll have a hard time finding a roster as competitive as the one the Packers have right now.

The Saints, Steelers and Broncos seem to be the only ones who meet the requirements of not being rebuilt, but New Orleans is struggling with the numbers and now Sean Payton is gone and Denver is in the same division as Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert.

That makes me think the Steelers are the most viable option if Rodgers decides to continue his career with another team.

“I’m not ruling out retiring,” added Rodgers, who has spoken several times already about hanging up his cleats, though I find it hard to believe that will be the route he chooses when he’s playing at a very high level and about to win his fourth Player of the Year award. Most Valuable.

Rodgers has always liked to be the center of attention, he has a somewhat condescending manner and this time is no exception.

Beyond all the non-sports drama that we experienced this season, Rodgers was once again the focus of the franchise and if we are honest, he has the upper hand if we consider that if Love was ready, the Packers would have let Rodgers go without problems. , but that’s not the case and the No. 12 knows it and therefore he pushed to the point where he is the lord and master of the decisions.

I’m in the minority who thinks Rodgers will extend his contract and stay in Green Bay. If he ever leaves the Packers, the most likely destination I see is Pittsburgh.

And in case he ever retires, which I don’t think will happen, I leave you WITH THE BEST PLAYS OF AARON RODGERS’ CAREER.

*Local teams are in second place

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