Why doesn’t TV Azteca broadcast Jamaica vs. Mexico? What’s behind

Beyond the fact that on the field it is almost a Final due to how tight the road has become in Concacaf towards the Qatar World Cup 2022something that has generated a stir is that TV Azteca will not broadcast the match between Jamaica and Mexico this Thursday, January 27. Many theories have emerged about what’s behind of the absence of Christian Martinoli, Luis García, Zague and Jorge Campos in this official qualifying match.

Why won’t TV Azteca show the game in Mexico?

There are two reasons why TV Azteca will not have the Tricolor match and the first has to do with Televisa. A source confided to Mediotiempo that TUDN is getting even for the most recent Canelo Álvarez fightwhich was exclusively on Channel 7 without reaching an agreement to share the signal.

as revenge, Televisa acquired the rights to broadcast Jamaica vs. Mexico and considerably inflated the price to TV Aztecawith whom he has a kind of “commercial partnership” in this kind of events to sell them at a preferential price, but this time it was not like that.

The second reason -also confirmed to Mediotiempo by people close to the negotiations- has the Spanish company as its protagonist Mediapro, which owns the rights for the home games of the Jamaican National Team, but TV Azteca has publicly known conflicts with that companyuncovered in 2021 when the Europeans submitted an offer to buy Fox Sports in Mexico.

At that time, on news and sports programs on Ajusco television began a campaign against Mediaprohighlighting the legal conflicts that this company has had in other leagues where it had or has broadcast rights, such as LaLiga, Serie A and Ligue 1. Finally, the Iberians were unable to acquire Fox Sports, but the differences and quarrels they were exposed.

Mediapro vs TV Azteca: Reasons for their fight

As we already mentioned, Mediapro is a company with multiple audiovisual rights of the main sports competitions in the world. Let us remember that in the summer of 2021, TV Azteca did not broadcast the Final Four of the Concacaf Nations League and it was precisely for that reason, because the Spaniards legally possess broadcasting permits.

Even, Azteca Deportes was nothing to miss out on the Gold Cup of the same 2021but a practically last-minute negotiation allowed them to put the regional tournament on their screens, in which the Tricolor lost the Final against the United States.

Without TV Azteca, where to watch Jamaica vs Mexico?

Already confirmed that Azteca Deportes will not play the game of the Mexican National Team, the only option to watch it on television is Channel 5 of Televisa and TUDN as a token of payment.

What’s more, Halftime will have transmission with its format minute by minute online with live report, videos of the goals and absolutely all the post-game reactions with our envoy in Kingston.

When is the Jamaica vs Mexico?

  • Date: Thursday, January 27, 2022
  • Hour: Starting at 6:00 p.m. from central Mexico
  • Campus: Kingston National Stadium
  • Matchday 9 of the Concacaf Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022.

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