‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ cast Andrew Garfield after a ‘ridiculous’ deleted scene of him telling Emma Stone to calm down while eating a cheeseburger

When The amazing Spider Man cast Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, some fans embraced him, while others were hesitant. However, Garfield’s return with Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home cemented him as a major part of Spider-Man’s cinematic history. And it started with Andrew Garfield telling Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy to stay calm while he ate cheeseburgers. Director Marc Webb revealed the hilarious detail and why he had him cast Garfield, changing the landscape of Spider-Man forever.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ director Marc Webb explained the ‘ridiculous’ reason a cheeseburger led him to cast Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield has proven himself to be a talented actor, but he always stayed true to himself. This led to Garfield’s enhanced “I loved you” moment in Spider-Man: No Way Home and the feeling of Maguire, Holland and himself as part of the larger Spider-Man story.

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