lemon, potato and banana, very expensive due to inflation in 2022

During the first fortnight of 2022, the National consumer price index (INPC) had an increase of 0.39%, which in turn caused the general inflation annual will be located at 7.13%, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (inegi).

The INPC report was published this morning, in which it was also announced that during the same period, but in 2021, biweekly inflation was 0.51 percent and 3.33 percent per year, which was exceeded this year.

Inegi: lemon, potato and banana, very expensive due to inflation in 2022. Photo: Reforma

What products increased in price

According to the Inegi, one of the products that rose the most in price was the lemon, which had a fortnightly variation of 36.84 and an incidence of 0.070. Others that presented increases in their prices are the potato and other tubers, whose increase was 11.62 fortnightly.

Also on the list are the bananas, whose increase was 6.75 percent; Regarding components, the underlying price index had a fortnightly increase of 0.34 percent and 6.11 percent annually.

For its part, the non-core price index had an increase of 0.53 percent fortnightly and increased 10.21 percent at the annual rate. This caused the prices of merchandise to increase by 0.62 percent and those of services by 0.02 percent.

The Inegi also announced that the prices of agricultural products increased by 0.55 percent, in the same way energy and tariffs authorized by the Government, had an increase of 0.51 percent at a fortnightly rate.

The institute pointed out that the increase in the price of some merchandise was made up as follows: food, beverages and tobacco showed a fortnightly variation of 0.79 percent and an annual variation of 8.67 percentage points.

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Regarding merchandise that does not belong to the food industry, the increase was 0.43 percent fortnightly and 6.81 at the annual rate (the fortnightly and annual incidences were 0.081 and 1.288, respectively).

Lunch shops, inns and taquerias, restaurants and the like, mobile phone service, car maintenance, medical consultation, tourist package services, among others, also had a fortnightly increase of 0.02 percent.

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The housing and education sectors had an increase of 0.14 percent and 0.34 percent, respectively, during the first half of January. Finally, the products of the basic basket presented a fortnightly increase of 0.52 percent and an annual increase of 7.77 percent.

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