‘It is a very valuable franchise’ – El Financiero

The HSBC Financial Group analyze the possibility of buying Banamexso for the moment he does not rule out participating in the purchase process once it is underway, he explained George Maplepresident and CEO of the group.

The newly appointed to this position said that “Banamex is a very valuable franchise”, which is why everyone in the financial sector is currently analyzing the convenience of integrating it into their group due to what it represents in the market.

“Everyone is seeing, working and seeing opportunities, each one will assign a different value depending on who will be the possible buyer. It is a very valuable franchise, it has a great team, some super clients, a great name, a lot of value”, he commented in a videoconference to present the program ‘Women to the World’.

He considered that the opportunity should be “analyzed” that is presented today with the sale of Banamex by Citi announced at the beginning of the year. “We are still seeing the opportunity, if there is a strategic real in the bank, everyone is analyzing it without a doubt, that does not mean that we are going to participate or that we are going to present a purchase position, it is still missing but there is no banker in Mexico that you are not thinking about how much it is worth, how it can be integrated, everyone is on the same wavelength”.

On January 11, Citi Group announced that would leave his business banking in mexico and would sell Banamex “to the highest bidder”.

‘Mujeres al Mundo’ will support the bank’s businesswomen clients, who currently represent 32 percent of its portfolio, mainly in the sector of small and medium-sized companies and individuals with business activity.

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