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Magneto, Gandalf and a bunch of other characters of pop culture have been portrayed by the great actor of 82 years. Sir Ian McKellen He said in his last interview that his greatest wish at this point in life is being able to star in a musical.

Ian McKellen in more than one musical

But beware, Ian has participated in a few musicals. Ian McKellen in recent times has been part of two productions with a great musical load. The 2017 was in the distribution of the Beauty and the Beaststarring Emma Watson. On that occasion it did not have prominence, since it was the clock that comes to life. Ewan McGregor he was the one who dedicated himself to singing

Two years later came one of the most criticized productions in Hollywood history. Cats was already a disturbing piece of work, but when they decided to make it into a movie, it turned for the worse. However, he had a great intervention from the emblematic actor. This musical, in addition, was the last tape of Ian McKellen… for now.

It is that, for him, the greatest achievement of his career would be to star in a production of this type for the first time. When asked about his singing performance, he claimed that he is «available but incompetent» between laughs.

I think I don’t have much to prove in my career anymoreSo why not just do the things I enjoy doing? for example: Stand in front of an audience and entertain them» he added. Another one of his dreams was to become a detective, and he too is about to fulfill it.

A giant of the theater

At this stage of his career has dedicated himself fully to the theater. Last year he was in Hamletwhile now preparing to whodunnitwhere next to Gillian Anderson and Emma Thompson they will improvise on the fly after deciding who is the detective.

The great Ian McKellen he can do anything from a musical to an endearing character from popular culture. In any of the cases, in Rock & Pop we will be attentive if there is any news about it.

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