Heroines open space in film and TV

Whether in film or television, on the screen we have seen dozens of stories starring superheroes such as Batman Y Superman by the side of DC Comicsor Captain America and Iron Man by Marvel.

But although they have monopolized the spotlight many times, the heroines -whether protagonists or secondary- are opening space in the media and towards greater diversity.

Just today it was announced that the trans actress Ivory Aquino will play the role of Alysia Yeoh in the “Batgirl” movie, giving life precisely to the first transgender character in a DC film.

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The character of Alysia in the comics was introduced in 2011, and she is a waitress who is best friends with Barbara Gordon (Batgirl, played by Leslie Grace).

The film will be released at some point this 2022 by HBO Max, and the participation of actors such as Michael Keaton, JK Simmons and Brendan Fraser is expected, and it comes after a year in which the competition (Marvel) brought us several stories starring for women: the “WandaVision” and “Hawkeye” series, and the “Black widow” movie, but on the DC side there are also women to remember:

Wonder Woman is perhaps the most popular today thanks to the films starring Gal Gadot as the princess of the Amazons Diana, who had her first appearance in the 40s and who shows not only great strength but also an interest in justice that seeks to sow on the planet.

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But in addition to her there are other heroines who are the counterpart of the aforementioned Superman and Batman.

In the case of the first, there is Supergirl, known by other names such as Kara Zor-El or Linda Lee Danvers, and who is the cousin of Clark Kent (Kal-El).
This character shares both powers and the style of his suit with Superman and we have seen him both in his own series (which only ended in November 2021) and appearing in others such as “Smallville”.

As far as Batman is concerned, there is Catwoman or Catwoman, whose civilian name is Selina Kyle and who is one of Batman’s love interests, but who has her own merits as an ability to fight thanks to her physical strength and the use of his whip. On the screen we have seen her played by actresses like Michelle Pfeiffer, in the nineties, Anne Hathaway in Christopher Nolan’s version and precisely this year we will have her in “The Batman” played by Zoë Kravitz.

Barbara Gordon is another heroine we associate with Batman who first appeared in the 1960s. She not only has fighting ability but is also very smart and good with technology, daughter of the Gotham City Police Commissioner. James Gordon. The character appeared in animated form in “Lego Batman” and will finally have a central role in the film that opens this year.

Other lesser-known women are Starfire, created in the 1980s and who can fly and throw fireballs, in addition to possessing super strength, as well as the magician Zatanna, one of the most powerful in DC who, however, has not appeared in cinema or tv.


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