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The good thing is that the President is in good health. The bad thing is that they wanted to hide a situation from us – let’s call it irregular – about the sudden visit to the hospital. There would have been no room for speculation if they had announced that the President was going to be checked – a situation that, according to official information, was routine – at the military hospital. A routine that began in the morning and ended at what time we don’t know, but that included spending the night in the hospital.

The health of the President is a matter of public interest. Knowing why and for what purpose you enter a hospital is the least that should be reported today. These are no longer times when information like that can be hidden – although many in the government, including the President himself, think that it is so. If everything was a simple catheterization, nothing happened, everything was planned and went according to plan, that’s good: the first thing that goes like this in the government. Here the problem was the communication of the matter. Why take so many hours to communicate something that is supposed to be routine in the President’s life? Why dropper? Why hide that he was going to sleep there?

One of our President’s passions is to speak. He has no brake or filter. “My chest is not a cellar” is one of his favorite phrases to make public anything that another person would handle with some discretion. That is why he called attention to the fact that he did not announce at his morning event that he would go for a medical check-up. Of course, in the end everything was satisfactory, both personally and publicly. The President came out the next day in a video commenting on his visit to the hospital and what the doctors who treated him told him. The best thing, the serious thing –given that the president’s health is a serious matter–, would have been for one of the doctors who examined him to give a report on what happened, what was done and the final result. But no, rather the President said that they told him that he could “live his normal life” and “apply himself thoroughly” to achieve the transformation of the country. Which means that the disaster will continue and “deep”.

To corroborate that the President does not contain anything above his belly, he mentioned that he has made a political will. This means that the President during his hospital stay reflected – to put it in some way – on the need to address the issue of his death, even if it was only as a mention in a video. Since he feels master and lord of the destiny of this country, the President believes that he can appoint political heirs, either in office or in public policy. Apparently it would have been good for him to lengthen his stay with the doctors and have them give him a general check-up. Something is not right when someone feels that he is inevitably called to posterity and to leave a legacy to the nation. The President himself wondered about “the possibility of the loss of my life, how is the country? Governance has to be guaranteed”. Well, except for his ranch, he will only have to distribute disappointments, unfinished projects and many lawsuits. What happens to governability is taken care of by the laws, which are made precisely so that no daffodil comes out with the fact that he will continue to govern after his death. Although of course, there is still the possibility, as some miscreants have slipped into the networks, that in his will he leaves everything to the Army. And it would make sense, because, as he says: love is repaid with love.

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