Can I lose the money in my Infonavit housing subaccount? Check your SSN

In Mexico, workers, under a formal employment relationship, have the right to have their employer make contributions to save for the purchase of a house with a credit Institute of the National Workers’ Housing Fund (Infonavit).

In that sense, of the employer contributions to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), a part is allocated to the Housing Subaccount of the workers so that they can buy a house.

The mechanism by which the Infonavit obtains its contributions from three sources: government, employer and worker, which allows creating a savings fund to later process a housing loan.

However, there is a way in which a worker can lose the money from their contributions.

Can I lose my money from the housing subaccount?

The reason why the contributions made can be lost is that the worker has problems with his Social Security Number (SSN) with which he is registered before the IMSS.

Likewise, the NSS is used to identify the owner of the employer contributions that are destined to the Infonavit Housing Sub-account and to the account in the Retirement Fund Administrator (Afore).

Now, in case you have a registry error in your SSN, there is a possibility that you will lose your savings. Without this key you will not be able to be properly identified and you will be able to receive contributions from your employer.

This also affects your situation in the Infonavit, where you will not be able to get a mortgage loan as there is no way to identify yourself as a worker with the employment information that corroborates it.

These problems occur, for example, when you change jobs and don’t remember your SSN and when hiring you, a new one is processed, which generates a duplicate entry. For this situation you can lose your savings.

However, the inconsistencies with the SSN can be clarified before the IMSS, for which you will need to present a document indicating your social security key, in addition to your valid official identification, Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) and the number of the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC).

It must be borne in mind that from the age of 16 a person can be registered, but for this they must be studying or working, and in the second case, it will be the employer who must first process the SSN of a worker.

Let us remember that the SSN or it is a key to identify you as a beneficiary, either as a worker or beneficiary. This number is used by workers throughout your life as Social Security affiliates.

In this way, the workers registered in the IMSS and with validity of their rights when having an employment relationship are active for Social Security through the SSN with which they can receive health services and specialty studies.

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