Call of Duty will arrive on PlayStation until 2023, but the future of the shooter on Sony consoles ‘is confusing’

The Activision deals would cover three games in the franchise, according to sources at Bloomberg.

The video game industry was paralyzed after the unexpected news of the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, for nearly 70,000 million dollars, an agreement that surpassed everything we had seen to date and that meant changes of hands in some of the major franchises and popular video games.

dealing with one of the sagas with the greatest pull in sales and gaming community, Call of Duty was the franchise that most quickly attracted the attention of the public, opening doubts about your future on PlayStation consoles, especially after what was seen in franchises such as The Elder Scrolls and its sixth installment, which will not leave the Xbox ecosystem.

Phil Spencer was soon out to the fore with some statements from his Twitter account where he spoke of respecting agreements and the importance of Sony and its relationship in the industry, these did not resolve the issue definitively. Journalist jason schreier has published an article in Blooberg where he would have had access to sources familiar with the deal between Activision and its flagship franchise.

The deal covers the next three games in the franchise.These would have confirmed that these commitments that Phil Spencer was talking about would have to do with the next three games in the saga. Schreier talks about what is expected to be a new title in the series Modern Warfare, developed by Infinity Ward for this year 2022, the next game, developed by Treyarch by 2023 and a new version of Call of Duty Warzone that would also arrive 2023. “The plans are more confused for subsequent Call of Duty installments,” those familiar with the deal reportedly said.

In any case, beyond the agreements that commit Activision to its releases until 2023, the franchise could live many more changes, beginning by abandoning the annual formula that has characterized it for more than a decade. After all this commotion, at 3DJuegos we wanted to tell you how the history of Call of Duty on PlayStation has been.

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