AMD and Nvidia graphics finally begin to drop in price

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Since the Chip shortage began almost two years ago today, buying a graphics card at its factory price has become little less than mission Impossible. Apparently, the prices of these components have begun to decline timidly. What is not known is the cause.

The reason graphics prices are skyrocketing is twofold. On the one hand, there is the much-hyped shortage of semiconductors, but there are other factors, including problems in the logistics chain and the unbridled demand by cryptocurrency miners who use graphs to perform the necessary calculations with which get your currency virtual. The fact is that some pressures and others have ended up generating a parallel market in which hundreds of Speculators use bots to buy what few charts there are at their price and then try to resell them for double or more than they cost.

PPages like Tom Hardware and 3D Center that have spent all this time monitoring chart prices and for the first time since this nightmare began, prices have started to drop steadily. This is not a really interesting drop, but models like the Nvidia RTX 3090, which until recently was priced at around $1,770, now costs $1,600. Other models of the 3000 series, as well as the latest generation of AMD Radeon have also experienced slight drops of around 10%.

What is not clear is why they are going down. Bids on eBay have dropped significantly, which seems to indicate that people have tired of the speculators’ little game and have decided to wait. Another possible reason is the recent drop in several major cryptocurrencies. As far as is known, there have been no improvements in the supply of graphics, although manufacturers such as Nvidia or AMD (who have their share of the blame in this whole matter for not stopping speculation from the beginning) continue to ensure that the situation will improve in the second half. of this year. At least they have started trading graphs not suitable for mining. [The Verge]

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