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The examples of mixed teams or mentors in Cuba for now are reduced to Baseball5 (recent modality), and the leadership of the women’s softball team that the Olympic catcher Luisa Medina exercised a few years ago.

The talent of the ladies also gives prestige to Baseball5

For months, I have had a debate with a colleague from Holguin about the impossibility of having a softball player in any press team in the country, given the harshness of this sport, even when it is played in its “pineapple” modality.

However, we value that since 1974 the mixed competition in children’s categories was approved in the Little League World Series, and it could be that something similar might happen here at these ages…

In favor of their desire for inclusion, interesting international clues emerged last week: a young Australian girl has dabbled in her country’s rented ball, and an American girl will become the first manager of a Minor League ninth.

With almost no arguments to refute, I decided to dig deeper into this topic of gender by strike, and it turns out that there are other women inserted in male-dominated ensembles, coming from Japan, the US and other countries with tradition and enough scheduled events.

Such is the case of the Japanese Eri Yoshida, who played in 2008 in a men’s team, and the first baseman Diamilette Quiles, accepted in 2019 in the Puerto Rico Double A Superior Baseball League.

In this type of news, the immediacy of an entry on the box prevails, the description of a defensive role or a turn at bat. That’s all. Almost never follow path or evolution. The notorious irruptions are more to break the ice on the networks, material from tweets or notes, than sustainable inclusive perspectives.

Neither in audiovisuals have their stories been recreated in abundance, neither documentaries nor fiction. I quote, without abusing memory, the film A very special team, in which Madonna, Geena Davis and Tom Hanks act, which told of women who during World War II replaced outstanding ballplayers on the field.

Another fresh example in time is Pitch, a fictional series dedicated to a rookie on the San Diego Padres campus, whose only season on the air shows that these questions, dismissed as improbable, attract little viewership.

Genevieve Beacom, an Australian teenager, recently debuted at the top level of baseball in her country. Photo: Taken from Melbourne Ace

Reflections by the rubber

The examples of mixed teams or mentors on the Island for now are reduced to Baseball5 (a recent modality), and the leadership of the women’s softball team that Olympic catcher Luisa Medina played a few years ago.

If the combination of gender is taken advantage of, in line with what is practiced by the World Baseball and Softball Confederation, the alliance between both disciplines could materialize better in Cuba.

From its rank as a national sport, and now also as a Cultural Heritage of the nation, baseball deserves that girls interested in it be enrolled in the Sports Initiation Schools (EIDE), even though this branch is not projected for now among possible additions to the Olympic programme, and their inclusion in the National School Games should be studied.

Also in special areas and community sports complexes —the basis of sports as a right of the people that must be preserved so much—, in addition to potential softball players, girls inclined by the great passion for the country could be recruited.

Thinking big, it would be favorable for us to compete applying the mixed variant under the protection of the agreement with the American Little Leagues (among the little of the so-called Thaw left standing by Trump, Bolton and their henchmen), a decision that would support the will of the country to go against any sign of “championism” or machismo.

However, life teaches that nothing will walk by itself. Although stereotypes and barriers have been collapsing, it is necessary to continue eliminating latent prejudices even in people who consider ourselves open-minded and flexible families.

So, given the evidence of quality and timeliness, I join my colleague in praising that a female pitcher posted a zero in Australia, a Japanese Clayton Kershaw curveball thrower, and Rachel Balkovec was entrusted with the reins on the New York Yankees.

And I join without complexes in suggesting that the ladies wear the uniform of their territories in the fairs of the Union of Journalists of Cuba, an organization that has already declared its desire to banish sexism.

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