Naughty Arce and the time he was discriminated against in the US: he saw me very screwed

A boxing career is marked by endless stories both above and below the ring, to show the anecdote he told Jorge “Naughty” Arce during a talk he had on the “Un Round Más” podcast from Erik “Terrible” Morales.

There, the ‘tooth‘ counted the time was discriminated against in a brand store in Vegas, because they saw it “very fucked up”; however, this story was conceived when he ‘stole’ 10 thousand dollars from the person who acted as his representative at that moment, Fernando Beltranwho gave him the money after becoming world champion by beating I-Sam Chou in Seoul, South Korea.

the theft

After becoming world champion, the naughty maple was invited to a dinner where other champions would be in Las Vegasthere his representative asked William Britowho took care of everything will bring 10 thousand dollars to the WBC Convention and that he take the opportunity to give the Mexican boxer more money to buy a suit.

But Brito misunderstood what Beltrán said and gave the $10,000 to the naughty maplegiving the indication to buy a tuxedo and that the money that was left over be returned to your representative.

“Brito was confused, when he gave me the money he told me: ‘Hey Dienten, Beltrán told me to give you 10 thousand dollars, to buy a suit and what you have left, give it to him. But there was nothing left over,” he said. Maple with a big laugh.

The discrimination

Already with the money and Las Vegasthe naughty maple was given the task of going in search of the suit that he was going to use in the famous convention of the WBCso that went to a fancy store at caesars palacewhere he got a big surprise.

He walked into a store and I said: ‘dress me!’, in a very expensive storevery good, brand name”, but the person who attended him “he saw me very screwed”because the boxer had a bruised and swollen face after his fight in South Korea.

The guy saw me very fucked up and told me: ‘hey, but this store is expensive, but do you have money?, do you bring money? Because this store is very expensive’; fucking dude, you don’t know who I am, I just got crowned world champion. I took out the 10,000 dollars, pure 100 bills, and I said: ‘Is that enough?‘”.

Once he Naughty showed the money, the person rushed to follow him, so he bought an “expensive” Bernini suit, some Ferragamo shoesa Brioni tie: “I dressed like a dandy, very cool”.

the end of the story

The naughty maple arrived stunning at dinner WBCwhere he met mauritius sulayman (rip), Erik Morales Y Fernando Beltranwhere his representative took the opportunity to give him some advice, although he got a big surprise at that moment.

“Beltran approaches me and whispers in my ear: ‘Hey man, don’t start spending your money on fancy clothessomeday you are going to earn a lot of money, but right now is not the time’, and I tell him ‘it’s not mine, it’s yours’“, Said the boxer born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

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