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This Sunday, January 23, a new edition of the ‘Zodiac Draw‘ throughout Mexico, where thousands of people will try to win the jackpot of seven million pesos. That said, hundreds of participants are eagerly awaiting the winners, so you’d better keep an eye on the details of this event. Do you want to know how it went and some data to keep in mind in case you win? The results, as is customary, will be published on the social networks of the ‘National lottery‘ and ‘Forecasts’.

The information that we will provide you will be very useful for all of Mexico, so we ask you to take note and share every detail with your betting friends. If you played this week’s ‘Big Draw’ and don’t know if you’re one of the winners, you’ve come to the right place. Check the winning numbers on the National Lottery website as soon as possible and share the results of the draw with your friends.

What time is the Zodiac Draw?

The ‘Zodiac Draw’, like other occasions, will take place this Sunday, January 23 at 8:00 p.m. in Mexican territory. Of course, the results may not be ready by then, so the patience of all participants is requested.

Zodiac Raffle: how to participate?

If what you want is to try your luck playing in the ‘Zodiac Draw’, we tell you that you can do it by buying a lottery ticket that has a value of $35. Also, if you want to play it for a complete series, this one costs $400. Remember, the prize you receive will depend on which of the two tickets you bought.

As is well known by everyone in Mexico, the ‘Zodiac Draw’ has the participation of 120,000 tickets in a series, and is held every Sunday according to the draw calendar, which offers up to 600 direct prizes and more than 22 thousand refunds to users.

What to do if you win the ‘Zodiac Giveaway’?

According to Mexican regulations, whoever wins a prize from the National Lottery or from the Forecast draws, among which is the ‘Special Draw’, will have a period of up to 60 days to claim their prize. Also, it is important to know that the winner will not receive the full amount of money because the tax authorities will deduct a part of the amount by law.

Zodiac Draw: prizes offered

The ‘Zodiac Raffle’ offers a total of 600 direct prizes and 22,022 withdrawals, in addition to winning 1 out of every 5, and paying 2 types of withdrawals: for numbers whose last digit is equal to the last of the Grand Prize, and for numbers whose zodiac sign is the same as the jackpot.

The prize to be received will depend on which of the two tickets was purchased. In the event that you have purchased a piece of $35, the prize will be $350,000,000 mxn, while those who bought a series of $400 will be able to win up to $7,000,000 mxn if they are drawn.


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