The worst movies of 2021!

The worst movies of 2021!

It’s time to balance things. Last week I told you about the best movies of 2021. Today it’s time for me to tell you about those movies that the phrase “it’s so bad that it’s so good” can’t even be applied to it. My recommendation would be that you don’t even spend your time and money watching this, and if for some reason you like to watch bad movies (like me)… let’s start with the dishonorable mentions:

Dishonorable mentions:

  • Jolt – Dir. Tanya Wexler: This movie hurt me Wexler came from doing a good job in Buffaloed. Then came this attempt Atomic Blonde, and it failed at almost everything good this movie did. Jolt it only delivers in the action and in being a pimp, but it fails miserably in everything else, especially in the script, the staging and the terrible montage it contains.
  • Chaos Walking – Dir. Doug Liman: Tom Holland had a bad 2021 (out of No Way Home of course), with this and the rubbish of the Russian call Cherry. Screenplay, direction, cinematography, plot, editing and some more than terrible performances. A one hour and forty minute film that feels like three hours. Sure, he had too many production problems and it’s evident.
  • Coming 2 America – Dir. Craig Brewer: One of the most disappointing sequels in recent years. Coming to America It is one of the best comedies of the 80s, its sequel does not even make “laughs” at any time, there is no coherence in anything with such an absurd and unnecessary plot. This sequel should never have existed and it’s a shame for the great Eddie Murphy.
  • Halloween Kills – Dir. David Gordon Green: If we talk about disappointing sequels, this one takes the cake too. Cliché, monotonous, with the most worn line in less than 20 minutes, a “laughable story” and the overacting of life. All the good they did Halloween (2018) goes to the trash and everything they had deleted from the sequels that made no sense, they come back… and worst of all, they wasted Jamie Lee Curtis.
  • Night Teeth – Dir. Adam Randall: spoilers, is not the only original film of Netflix that appears on this list. In summary, Night Teeth it’s like a fanfiction of vampire mythology, along with all existing clichés of them, and add the “modernization” of current times. Sure, plus a terrible script coupled with some lousy acting, as well as the story, direction and all. That’s it.

Not found on this list The Kissing Booth 3, because I do value my time and I’m not going to waste it watching crap like that… yes, I already spent it watching these “movies”. Now yes, let’s go with the ten worst movies of 2021:

10. Yes Day – Dir. Miguel Arteta

Another original movie Netflix. At this point, it is normal for the giant of the streaming It offers us both films that are part of the best of the year, as well as films that are part of the worst. Yes Day it’s awful. Its target audience is children, it’s being a family film and it doesn’t even deliver on that. They treat children with a plot that wants to make them look silly and does not make an effort to give the message they want to establish well.

Family movies that sin by treating their audiences like “fools” are despicable. You don’t have to treat your audience like this, it’s one of the worst things you can do. This “movie” does it from its plot to the overacting of all the cast members. A shame because it has actors who have already been shown in other projects and it shows that this was one more check for them.

9. He’s All That – Dir. Mark Waters

What? another movie from Netflix and directed by the director who gave us the incredible Mean Girls? I honestly didn’t expect anything from this remake of a classic rom com from the 90s as it is She’s All ThatHowever, even in that it disappoints. The “script” of this “movie” consists of all the clichés of today, the imperfectly perfect life of a influencer and how society values followers more than anything.

Wow, a well-constructed criticism could be drawn from that premise, right? Well, this is not the case here, trying to be aware and accept those clichés, but… they don’t even do that well. Let’s not talk that it is, as they would say, “edited with the legs” and with a bland color palette. The overactings are terrible, especially those of the Tik-Toker, Addison Rae. To whom you can tell from leagues that she is not an actress and that some basic acting classes would not have been too much.

8. Infinite – Dir. Antoine Fuqua

I don’t know what happened there, this filmmaker has given us action gems like The Equalizer Y shooter, and drama jewels as they are Training day or south paw. On this occasion he wanted to direct an action popcorn movie with hints of science fiction, but… that starts from one of the worst scripts of the year. No one could save this project from failure.

So much so, that paramount I choose to lose money, not release it in theaters and better release it for Paramount+ so no one would see it. Unfortunately, there were people like me who had the misfortune to see this fiasco. Mark Wahlberg he’s been in bad movies for a while now (like Spenser Confidential, one of the worst movies of 2020), wow, not even a good actor like Chiwetel Ejiofor how the antagonist was able to save this fiasco in every sense of the word and of cinematographic language.

7. Aftermath – Dir. Peter Winther

another movie from Netflix On this list, this time around, we have a “horror” movie that isn’t even scary at all. Lie, it’s scary how abominable the script is and how laughable, mocking the plot is. If someone wanted to describe the “perfect worst movie of”, aftermath would be in the first places, with little competition. I don’t know how they could give it the green light.

The truth is that I only saw her for Ashley Greene, since I’m a fan of your work on voiceover in several projects, including the one that had as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon in batman arkham knight. fans of twilight They will remember this actress and surely they still feel ugly for her and that she had to appear in such a bad and predictable movie at all times.

6. F9 (Fast and Furious 9) – Dir. Justin Lin

Family and faith went where they had never gone before, into space. That’s how silly the plot is F9. Something that started as a meme became reality and in the crudest way possible. I keep debating which movie in this “saga” is worse, if the eighth or this one… yes, those two are among the two worst movies I’ve ever seen in my life. Unfortunately we will have more of these cinematographic slops, because sadly… boy do they make a lot of money.

So, it is their fault that we will have a million more of these “movies” starring one of the worst actors of today and his generation, Vin Diesel. Honestly, the franchise went to the boat since they stopped being realistic and racing, the seventh part directed by james wan managed to revive it a bit (thanks to wan is a very good director) but the eighth part finished killing this pseudo franchise.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that in the part where the car swings like tarzan in a jungle, I got angry and cried of courage, of cringe of what I was seeing. That can’t even be considered “garbage entertainment”. This pseudo franchise is largely to blame for the state of current cinema, especially commercial cinema. If only the money this crap made was made by other movies that ARE GOOD (example The Last Duel), other types of different, daring and good projects would have the budget and the green light to go ahead.

5. Untitled Horror Movie – Dir. Nick Simon

There are ways to make a decent and good horror movie by zoom, and in a pandemic, there is the example of Host. Then we have Untitled Horror Movie (yes, I swear that’s what it’s called), not even the attempt to be aware and make satire is well done, that only makes it worse. I won’t say more, the trailer says it all.

4. Tom & Jerry – Dir. Tim Story

Ah, a classic cartoon like Tom Y Jerry being adapted to modern times and with a combination of 3-D and live action, What could go wrong? The obvious answer was absolutely everything and I still saw her. Knowing that the director of this film was the same Tim Story. That’s right, the same director of the first adaptations of Fantastic Four.

No joke is good, most are pie and that just makes it worse. The overacting of all people are fatal, especially that of the protagonists. Guess what’s the only thing a little salvageable? That’s how it is, Tom and Jerry. And even though it’s their movie, they don’t have a relevant role in anything.

3. War of Likes – Dir. María Ripoll

The first Mexican movie to appear on this list and unfortunately the third worst movie I saw in 2021. It is a shame that because of this type of Mexican comedies that always come out, year after year, many think that this is Mexican cinema. When we have very good cinema in our country that unfortunately do not have the distribution that very bad Mexican films do have.

In this typical Mexican comedy we have the same plot as the ninth film on this list. A film that tries to criticize the use of networks, the importance that as a society we give to likes and followers, when in fact, this film exalts them. From a terrible script to the poor performances of the cast.

From this movie I only rescued the comedian Michelle Rodriguez, who is the only one that does make you laugh and the one that really does seem like a real character and in an advertising agency.

2. Anchored – Dir. Marcos Bucay

Another original movie Netflix, the second and last Mexican film to appear on this list. Absolutely everything I said above applies to this project as well. Nothing more than here they exalt the whole negative side of social networks and how we can be as a society in this regard. The message is not at all clear and the worst, the edition. Really, there is good Mexican cinema, this is not what it represents.

1. Things Heard & Seen – Dir. Shari Springer Berman & Roberto Pulcini

To say that this “movie” is one of the ten worst movies I’ve ever seen is an understatement. In this so slow, so boring and non-existent plot, time does not exist. A two-hour feature film ends up feeling like five-hour torture, it doesn’t seem directed by someone. And that this pair of directors have made other films that have seemed to me from decent to good.

The terrible performances, the script, the abominable staging, the production, the editing, absolutely everything is bad. There is no redeeming point in anything. Until amanda seyfried who came from giving a very good interpretation in Manck, It’s awful here, the actress who is the protagonist in this film has nothing good to work with.

If you value your time, seriously don’t waste it watching this scary original from Netflix. Another pseudo horror movie that is not scary and that will go down in history as one of the worst movies I have ever seen and will see in my life.

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