SHCP lowers tax, you will pay less for gasoline this week

With the corresponding publication in the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF), the decree of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) that establishes the new fiscal stimulus at gasoline in Mexico that will be applied in the week it enters into force, for the period that includes from this Saturday 22 to Friday, January 28 coming.

There, the amounts to be covered by the Treasury of the Special tax on production and services (IEPS) that makes up part of the price of automotive fuel sold in the country, including gasoline great or Premium and the diesel.

In addition, the new dues that the motorist must pay for each liter that is deposited in the tank in the period of validity of these fiscal stimuli, being as follows:

Magna Gasoline. Gasoline identified as having 87 octane registered a change from the previous percentage of 66.42% last week to 77.05% for the one starting today, which represents further support.

This means that the Treasury will put 4.2315 pesos per liter and you will have to put the remaining 1.2602 pesos when you buy the “green gasoline” in the week, implying a reduction of 58 cents in your favor.

Premium Gasoline. Characterized by its octane rating of 91, this hydrocarbon registers for the new week a proportion of 52.13% support from the previous level of 38.56% that was handled.

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This is why if you load “red gasoline” you will be paying 2.2200 pesos of IEPS tax and the remaining 2.4175 are paid by the SHCP, which is 62 cents less than the previous week.

Diesel. This fuel will also enjoy support, remaining this time at 67.38% from the previous level of 57.30%.

For this reason, if you drive a vehicle that uses this petroleum derivative, the Treasury will put 4.0665 pesos and you will have to pay the difference of 1.9689 pesos of the tax, that is, 60 cents less.

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This lien is a taxation that the authority imposes on goods What refreshments, derived from tobacco such as cigarettes, and other goods, in addition to gasoline, so, by covering part of this in the acquisition of fuel, it seeks to impact a reduction in the final price paid by the consumer. consumer, but do not forget that it will be each distributor or gas station in particular that sets its rate.

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