Netflix approves the purchase of Activision and sees Game Pass as an example in the model change

They got there first. It is inevitable to think of Netflix when talking about a subscription model, and it is certain that some came before in this, but It was the Californians who made it fashionable paying a monthly fee for multimedia content.

Microsoft has repeatedly used Netflix as something to exemplify its subscription gaming business. In fact, even today Xbox Game Pass is known as “The Netflix of video games”. All this despite the fact that Netflix itself already has a game subscription service.

Netflix supports subscription games like Xbox Game Pass

But today’s story is not about what happened, I don’t want to bore you with that. Today I bring you the words of Greg Peters, Director of Operations at Netflix. Peters has validated the purchase of Activision by Microsoft and has also stated that this movement is just another sign that the business they started is the future.

For the Netflix director, that Game Pass is working, makes his ideas with video streaming more taken into account, and for this reason they are betting on offering value now with games.

Well, I mean, it was exciting to see the activity on the net. And I think that, to some extent, it’s an endorsement of the core thesis that we have about subscription as a great model for connecting consumers around the world with games and gaming experiences.

The good thing about video games, movies and music is that there are options for everyone. It is true that subscription models are currently gaining more ground, but they do not exclude the rest.

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