In a memorable game, the Chiefs beat the Bills and went to the AL Final

Arrowhead Stadium became a real madhouse that hosted a crazy duel between the two top stars of the American Conference, who left everything on the grid for a pass to the final of the AFC. The chiefs They won the victory at home and for the fourth consecutive year they reached the prelude to the superbowl.

The NFL and his hobby, beyond being a follower or not of Kansas City or Buffalo witnessed what will be remembered as the two minutes with the most attempts in the history of the League. Josh Allen he refused to give up, as did Patrick Mahomes, and the result was an offensive display that will go down as one of the most explosive of all time.

There were 25 units that were scored after the two-minute break in the last period to resolve the duel in overtime, after a field goal by harrison butker that gave three units to the premises after a series of only 13 seconds. The less sporting aspect of American football, the toss-up, ended up marking the fate of both organizations.

“This is one more step on his way to Hall of Fame“, He said Tyreek Hill on Mahomes at the end of the game on his quarterback.

“We were all part of one of the best games in the NFL. We are very lucky to have come out of this. The boys fought with all their hearts.” Andy Reed at the end of the match and took the opportunity to talk about the way in which the Bills were eliminated “It was heartbreaking, but we appreciate the competition”.

Kansas City he only needed one possession to eliminate the Bills and leave Allen sitting on the bench stunned at the feat that his counterpart starred in, patrick mahomes. The two quarterbacks combined for 707 yards, seven touchdowns and no interceptions. the pass with Travis Kelce, which sentenced the match in extra time, managed to make the noisiest stadium in the League explode in one of the biggest parties that have been lived inside the building.

match actions

Both defenses finished the duel exhausted after unsuccessfully trying to stop both arsenals. The fatigue was lethal for both teams and allowed the big plays to fall in buckets, which caused the euphoria of the attendees and the millions tuning in from their homes.


Bills fought to the end

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