Exercises to relieve pain caused by periostitis

Tibial periostitis is an injury characterized by inflammation of the area that covers the tibia. The main symptom of this problem is constant pain, which can be disabling in some cases. Many runners suffer this injury caused by the continuous impact on the tibia while running, which causes the area to swell and shin splints to appear. It is true that a good running technique helps to prevent it, but this is not always the case, so there are also runners who have a good technique but suffer from these discomforts.

In this video, our personal trainer Víctor Téllez (@vtellez_coach), explains a very simple exercise to relieve pain in the area and improve symptoms, but also to strengthen the tibia in order to prevent inflammation from appearing.

You just need a small base or a low bench to support your feet. The exercise is very simple. Perform training sessions of 20 repetitions in a row and in series of 3 or 4, at least once or twice a week, It will make the discomfort better. If you still feel pain and do not notice relief, it is important to go to a specialist to assess the injury more thoroughly. Another tip from Téllez is to strengthen other muscle groups related to the tibia, such as the muscles of the foot, the posterior area of ​​the tibia or the quadriceps.

If you missed any trick, advice, training or exercise from our trainer, you can click on this link. And if you have doubts, you can contact him through his social networks.

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