Check the results of the Primitive. The results of the Primitiva on Thursday and Primitiva on Saturday. And the news about the winners of the Primitiva El Gordo de La Primitiva on Sunday, January 23, 2022: results of the draw

Results of El Gordo de La Primitiva for Sunday, January 23, 2022 to check online if you have a prize. The numbers of the winning combination of the draw have been 09, 22, 25, 27 and 35. The refund has been 8.

Primitive Awards

Special Category Award: It consists of matching the 6 numbers of the winning combination plus the refund.

First category: 6 numbers of the winning combination.

second category: 5 numbers plus the complementary number.

Third category: 5 numbers of the winning combination.

Fourth category: 4 numbers of the winning combination.

Fifth category: 3 numbers of the winning combination.


How to play?

Green ticket: It is used for a single draw of the two that are a week (Thursday and Saturday). If the bet is valid from Monday to Thursday, it goes on to compete for the Thursday Draw, if it is valid from Friday to Saturday, it goes on to compete for the Saturday Draw.

brown ticket: It is used to compete in both draws and must be validated before the start of the Thursday Draw.


How to charge La Primitiva?

Faced with the joy of being awarded in a raffle, you have to keep a cool mind and have everything ready to collect the ticket. Prizes of less than 2,500 euros will go to the corresponding administration and in the rest of the prizes it is essential that the winner take the receipt of the bet to the bank and present their DNI. These types of prizes are subject to identification and do not require a bank account. Payment can be made by bank deposit, in cash, bank transfer or check.

What if I play half with more people? In bets with prizes equal to or greater than 2,500 euros, you will have to go to the bank with the DNI of each one to identify yourself and be able to cash the check.

Treasury withholdings

From January 1, 2020, prizes less than or equal to 40,000 euros are tax-free. In other words, from 40,0001 euros, the Treasury will retain 20% of the total collection.

One of the tips to collect the prize if it is shared is to go to the bank both winners with the tenth in hand. This would be a gift ticket so the bank would distribute the income and the Treasury would only be paid once. If the money is given away after collecting the prize, the gift tax must be paid.

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