‘We were naive and we had our punishment’

John Reynoso ended up upset by how badly he played Blue Cross in the last minutes, a situation that he took advantage of Monterey to rescue the tie in the Steel giant.

The coach of the celestial team believes that his team lacked skill and malice to ensure victory.

“We had everything to close it. The truth is that sometimes we were naive and we had our punishment. The team was superior in various facets of the match,” he mentioned.

“It was a spectacular presentation until the last minutes. The draw is a result that would be signed in the previous one, but not how it happened. It is total learning. The ceiling is still high for us, we have to polish some details. We would have closed the game if we would have had more malice,” he added.

From your point of view, machine was much higher than scratched, but was ‘derailed’ in the last 10 minutes.

Rayados and Cruz Azul players during a match

“Nobody leaves happy. The greatness of this club is great and the effort of the boys was enormous. It’s not right that they draw us like this. We don’t take credit away from the rival, who has a great squad, who is at home and that had the support of its people. This cannot be repeated,” he asserted.

John Reynoso continues to build this new team, since several of the players with whom Blue Cross he won his ninth title at the Clausura 2021.

Celso under the brand of Charly Rodríguez

“It has evolved since the first game. That is the bet. There will be rest days and then we will get together, although others will leave with their national teams. They are working very well, the internal competition has grown again. We have to continue building, based on our strengths and we have to cover up our weaknesses,” he added.

He is happy with the squad he has, although ranks have not yet closed “We are aware that today we do not miss anyone. We resolved with those who started and with those who entered,” he concluded.


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