The UN receives funds for 82 research projects in personalized medicine

pamplona – The University of Navarra, the University Clinic of Navarra and the Cima have received funding for 82 health research projects, in addition to other projects that are already being developed by the academic center in the biomedical field. The personalized medicine approach (with special attention to cancer, rare diseases and palliative care) is part of the 2025 Strategy of the University of Navarra. The funds come from state and international calls from various institutions.

These grants, according to the Vice-Rector for Research at the UN Icíar Astiasarán, “represent a strong boost for the health research area of ​​the 2025 Strategy of the University of Navarra, focused on caring for people through personalized medicine”. In his opinion, this year “begins as a great opportunity to achieve new medical advances, thanks to the financial aid recently received and the work that our research groups will be able to carry out.” “Good science needs focus, external help and collaborative work; factors that, maintained over time, undoubtedly provide great benefits to society,” he concluded.

The approach to cancer and the discovery of new therapeutic targets are the focus of most of the projects and receive practically half of the aid granted, whether from public or private sources. Among others, the Cima coordinates the BLANCA project, a multicentre collaboration that develops genomic technology to find a vaccine against cancer.

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