Riquelme closes signing for Benedetto’s Boca Juniors

The director of Boca Juniors, Juan roman riquelme It was a fundamental piece to close one of the most notorious signings of these last hours, in a transaction in which three teams were linked to take the Bombonera to a former from America: Darius Benedetto.

The Argentine team announced the arrival of Dario Benedetto who had previously been in Boca Juniors, but who was going through a streak that It didn’t motivate him in the least.

The triangulation by Benedetto to Boca Juniors

Elche announced this Saturday that it reached an agreement with the Olympic Marseille, to buy Darío Benedetto, who was loaned to the LaLiga team by the French organization, since the beginning of the current season, so that in turn, he will send him in a transaction towards Argentine football with Boca Juniors.



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Benedetto, ex of America, Elche arrived at the club last summer, at the hands of his agent Christian Bragarnik, owner of the Elche entity and partner of the company that acquired the majority shareholding package

Elche, who barely lost to Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey.

Elche, through a statement, thanked the Argentine player for “the professionalism, the work and his dedication” during his time, wishing him “The best of luck in your professional and personal career.”

Juan Román Riquelme, a fundamental part of the operation

Benedetto explained in an interview, that a few months ago, Riquelme contacted him, to know his present from his own voice, understanding that his activity in France was irregular, to which Benedetto let him know that he would go to play in Spain, so he left the option of returning to Boca pending.

Then the player went to elche last summer, but after half a campaign he decided to pick up the phone and talk to Riquelme to be able to return.

“I received a call from Román (Riquelme) last year, in which he asked me what I had in mind because Olympique de Marseille was not going to take me into account and wanted to give me on loan. I told him that I had the chance to be in the Spanish League and I wanted to try what that felt like. When I didn’t have the minutes I really needed and I didn’t feel important within the team, I picked up the phone and called Roman.”Benedetto commented.

In this way, Elche sought to take the purchase option with Olympique de Marseille, and then transfer the Argentine to Boca.

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