New 20-peso bill sells for 90 thousand pesos

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Some people like to collect coins and bills, for which they usually pay large amounts to have them in their hands, since they turn out to be very valuable to them, although they are more valued those that have some deformation or are really old.

This time we will talk about the value of 20 peso bill that some have a minting error in their environment, in addition to the fact that there are few in circulation, which increases their value. This ticket can be sold online up to 90 thousand pesos, according to numismatics experts.

It is currently in circulation and was launched this year in September, his design has captivated connoisseurs of the numismatics.

This specimen has been positioned on internet platforms with a great value in the market, this is clear considering the condition and the serial number.

Ticket characteristics

This banknote was made due to the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico and belongs to the G family, it measures 120×65 mm, most of the banknote is created with polymer.

The predominant colors in the piece they are green and red on both sides of the ticket.

It should be noted that the serial number itself gives it such a high value on the market:


If you have one of these, especially from the AA series, you should go to a numismatics expert to make the corresponding assessment, since it could be worth more than you imagine.

Here I leave the image of the ticket!

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