In what cases is an electronic CFDI invoice canceled?

As of the beginning of this 2022, on January 1 the provision of the Service tax administration (SAT) that was established in the Miscellaneous Tax 2022 so that, at cancel a Electronic bill, you have to clearly specify the reason that led you to discard it, regardless of the version of the Digital Tax Receipt online (CFDI) that you use.

In any of its editions when invoicing, if you need to cancel one of the receipts you will have to add what reason you have for it, also having the obligation to make the documentation of the cancellations within the fiscal exercise in which they were made.

What are the 4 reasons accepted by the SAT to cancel an invoice.

1. Relationship errors on the receipt. This happens when when making an invoice, it is generated with errors in the key of the product in question, its unit value, discounts applied and any additional that you can re-enter so that the receipt is corrected.

If you have to delete an electronic invoice that you generated, you must now indicate the reason. (Freepik)

2. Receipts with errors unrelated to another invoice. This situation is when the invoice that you registered has errors in the code of the good in question, its unit value or discounts, as in the previous case, but it does not need to be related to other receipts that you have issued.

3. The operation was not carried out. This option is the one you select when you took out a receipt for an operation that was not carried out.

4. Registered operation related to the global invoice. For this modality, it is considered when it is specified in the global invoice of operations to the public, a sale is included, but later the client requests that a nominative invoice be delivered.

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In this case, the total cancellation of the global invoice will have to be made to generate it again, just as the nominative invoice requested by the client in question is issued.

Also consider that when you cancel an electronic invoice before the tax authority, the procedure to cancel it does not change between the versions of the tax receipt with which the billing was made.

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This change in the taxation system is part of the modifications that arrived this year due to the Fiscal Miscellaneous, which also included the obligatory registration in the Federal taxpayer registration (RFC) or notification of the banks to the treasury when they are made deposits cash that exceed 15 thousand pesos, among other changes.

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