the case that involves Lozoya and threatens to stop the sale of the bank

the ghost of Oceanography Return to Banamex after eight years of the Bank filed a complaint against the shipping company for possible fraud before the then Office of the Attorney General of the Republic in 2014. Today, the legal dispute of the company owned by Loved Yanez threatens to stop the recently put up for sale of the financial firm by its US parent, Citi.

In 2014, Banamex sued Oceanography for an alleged fraud of 500 million dollars, made from irregular invoices and accounts payable that involved Pemex. Given the facts, the company was intervened and its assets were detained and the subsequent arrest of Amado Yañez. However, the company has argued that irregularities were incurred.

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“One of the reasons why the company was intervened illegally was the disqualification by the Ministry of Public Administration (SFP) on February 11, 2014, requested without legal support by the Internal Control Body (OIC) from Pemex, arguing the existence of false documentation, facts that to date have not been verified in the trial that is being pursued with that case; on the contrary, it has been possible to demonstrate the legal authenticity of the documents in question; Therefore, on May 25, 2015, the Judicial Power of the Federation granted an injunction in favor of Oceanography, recognizing that said disqualification had been illegal, which was published in the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) on July 21, 2015”, explained the legal representative of Oceanography, Jorge Bentancourt.

The representative of the shipping company also recalled that there was also extortion exercised by the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya, who claimed that 90% of the shares of Oceanography would be delivered to him through a contract, which is recorded in various complaints filed with the competent authorities.

Thus, the company was intervened by the Federal Government through the Property Administration and Disposal Service (SAE), now the Institute to Return to the
The Stolen People (INDEP). At that time, it had approximately 11,000 workers on staff, 100 vessels and a remainder of contracts to be executed for about 960 million dollars, it also had 42 active contracts with Pemex with a value of works to be executed for 4 thousand 600 million dollars. pesos, plus 576 million dollars.

From that moment on, the company entered a process of loss of value and as of 2018, with the support of its creditors, it entered the recovery stage.
According to the representative of Oceanography, since the company was insured, and until today, 8 years later, Banamex has not been able to prove the debt that it initially claimed.

“The alleged diversion of resources denounced by Banamex has not been supported, as well as the loss that it claims to have suffered, which it recorded in its statements of fiscal results for the 2013 fiscal year,” explains Betancourt.

Given the announcement of the sale of Banamex by Citi in recent days, Oceanography obtained a judge to stop the transaction until the legal process in the case is over or an amount of 5.2 billion dollars is guaranteed for compensation.

“The director of Citi, Jane Fraser, announced in previous days that the sale of Banamex’s retail business would begin in the spring of this year, however, with the precautionary measures, the sale plans would be directly affected. In February 2014, Citi announced that Banamex had been defrauded through Oceanography for an amount of 500 million dollars. However, after almost 7 years of litigation, the bank has not been able to prove to the authorities that there was fraud against it, so the shipping company is claiming compensation for damages”, explains Oceanography.


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