Mazatlan DT demanded justice from the Liga MX referees

After adding his second defeat of the year and with another penalty that marked the fall, the Mazatlán FC coach, Beñat San José, asked for justice in arbitration work.

His team fell 2-1 to Toluca at the start of Matchday 3 where there was a red to his striker Gonzalo Sosa and a penalty from Carlos Vargas on Carlos Guzmán, both in the second half.

We played the best game since I’ve been in Mazatlan, we were much superior in the first part, but we didn’t score the three goals we deserved. In the second part, the penalty and the expulsion marked the game. It sucks to end like this, I’m not going to judge if it was criminal or not, they are professionals, I think my player went to dispute the ball and it is strange that he wanted to elbow a player 20 centimeters taller. Dthe days, two penaltiesI am only going to judge that they are fair to us,” he said.

Today Intriago had his lip cut with an elbow and they only got yellow, we consider that there was a penalty at minute 12 that they did not mark us, we only ask that they be fair, there could be two red cards and two penalties, we only ask for justice, “he wished.

Óscar Macías was called from the VAR in those two decisions, which affected the Cañoneros on the scoreboard.

We show our rage, our anger, but we have always shown respect to the referees. We will give our opinion, but with a fairer use of the VAR I would have been capable of another result“, he added.

On Day 1 against Chivas they also scored a penalty against him. He also announced that they will appeal the red to Sosa.

Ambriz goes step by step

Mazatlan won 1-0 with a goal from Eduard Bello and in the second half, Pedro Canelo and Leo Fernández gave Toluca the victory.

Still with 2 wins, Ignacio Ambriz, DT of the Red Devils, said that his team is missing a lot.

“We always have to work. A game is never round, we must strengthen ourselves more defensively. When we have the ball we have to know what to do. They are important points, but we cannot cast the bells on the fly”, he mentioned.

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