Juan Pablo Vigón qualifies Alan Mozo as an “unbearable” player

It was hard for him to leave Pumas because of the affection and he highlights that not just anyone can play in Tigres.

Video: Juan Pablo Vigón attacks Alan Mozo: “It’s unbearable”

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John Paul Vigon Appreciate the friends you made Cougars, but now as a soccer player tigers, qualified exclusively for TUDN to Alan Mozo as an “unbearable” player.

“I had a very good relationship with Alan Mozo, but he’s unbearable as a rival, he’s not going to play but I’ve left behind very good friends, there’s Dinenno, Freire, to name a few,” said the midfielder.

The player from the northern squad acknowledges that it was not easy to leave the Auriazules because of the love he felt for the club, although he feels that he made the best decision to face a new challenge.

“It was difficult, I became too fond of that institution, it hurt when I left, but I was very sure of what I was doing and arriving at Tigres I realized that it was a very good decision for my career.

What I am growing in soccer and humanly is something where I am taking big and firm steps, it hurt me to leave but wearing the tiger shirt is something that I enjoy from the moment I get up until I go to sleep, it was hard for me to leave but I am very happy there “, explained the Tigres player.

One of the factors that motivates him in Tigres is the internal competition of the squad and he admits that not everyone can play in the San Nicolás de los Garza team.

“What I like in Tigres is that you have to be at your highest level to be able to play, you go down a little and someone comes in who can do it much better than you, that’s why I took on this challenge… you see high-quality players, it’s It’s difficult to play here but it motivates you to be better, the competition is very difficult”, declared Vigón.

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