‘I don’t feel like a failure for not having won the title with Cruz Azul’

Cesar Delgado He was very happy to see that Blue Cross defeated Santos Laguna in the Final of the Closure 2021, Well, it broke with a drought of more than 23 years and, although Gustavo would have lived the glory of a title, Chelito does not feel that he has failed in his time at La Maquina.

“Sometimes I think yes and sometimes no (he was left with the ‘thorn’). It would have been nice. I see it from that place. Of course I would have loved to be champion. I think that if I had achieved it, it would have been fantastic, it would be like the fruit of the dessert that I was missing”, he told in an interview with RECORD.

“I also don’t feel like a failure for not having achieved or fulfilled a title. It didn’t happen because football has those things. But I am satisfied with what I have achieved. I always went in search, I always tried. It didn’t happen,” he added.

TO slim It gave him great pleasure to see his former teammates celebrate Julio Cesar Dominguez Y Oscar Perez, who lifted the trophy in the winter of 1997 and now works as a goalkeeping coach.

“I felt very happy for the fans, who are faithful and noble. Also for the colleagues who were there, who were with me, who searched for it for so long and who were able to achieve it. It gave me a lot of happiness. I enjoyed it because there were people in the club that I knew, who are no longer here, but who worked for the club for a long time. They deserved that title. I was very happy,” he explained.

On how he experienced the decisive match, the former player of scratched He recognized that the experience had some suffering, but then joy broke out.

“We got together with the family like never before, we prepared the armchairs, the television and the t-shirts. We watched the entire match. We suffer. Until it happened. It was a huge joy. An important streak was cut. It was like a release. Every mute took out a huge backpack. Even I freed myself”, he mentioned.

The Argentine celebrates a goal with La Maquina


Cesar Delgado was a figure in Blue Cross Y Monterey; However, he will not have a divided heart in tonight’s game, since he already sees them differently, although he hopes that there will be a show at the Giant of Steel.

“I already see it from another place, from another perspective. I enjoy the match. I had to wear both shirts. I feel proud. I already analyze other things, the tactical, the mistakes, how the teams stop, how the players are outlined when giving a pass and receiving the ball. I don’t want one or the other to win. I analyze it from that side. I feel very identified. I see them very well, I’m sure they will be protagonists, “he said.


Delgado already as Rayados player

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