From chic girl to stylish woman, this has been the transformation of Anne Hathaway

Elegant, glamorous and minimalist, Anne Hathaway She has marked her own style throughout her career as an actress, always looking impeccable.

the famous of 39 years He began his path in acting at 17 years when he debuted in the series ‘get real’ and since then its success has been unstoppable.

Thank you to your perfect looks She has become one of the star queens of the ‘red carpet’.

The impeccable style of Anne Hathaway

Remembered by many as Mia Thermopolis for his role in ‘The Diary of a Princess’ (2001) but just like her different Anne characters, she has been changing her style, going from a chic girl to a stylish woman.

At the age of 18, he appeared on red carpets with simple outfits but very appropriate for his age. At that time the predominant colorful and denim looks.

His image was still quite childish because he belonged to the cast of Disney and most of his fans were children.

In 2005 He said goodbye to his childish image after ending his contract with Disney and began to show other facets as an actress.

In this way he came to star in the movies ‘Havoc’ (2005), ‘Brokeback Mountain’ (2005), ‘The Devil Wears Fashion’ (2006) or ‘Becoming Jane’ (2007).

This led her to become a teen ‘chic’ in one’s elegant woman and sure of herself.

With the passing of the years and good advice, it became a fashion expert and he made it clear in each of his public appearances.

The famous has not only played with her clothing closet but also with her haircuts, going from long hair to a ‘pixie cut’ very stylized.

Recently, he paid tribute to his character Andrea Sachs with a very ‘outfit’ fashionist.

Anne stands out for dressing in a conservative and classic style, without leaving aside fashion and fashionistas ‘outfits’ and youth clothing.

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