Charros de Jalisco: They will define the title in the seventh game

The Maderos from Guadalajara were silenced and the Charros from Jalisco paid dearly with the final 5-3 loss in the sixth confrontation against Tomateros de Culiacán.


The Caporales connected just four singles throughout the match and the Guindas kept the win at the Pan American Stadium to tie the series 3-3 and thus force a seventh duel to define the champion of the Mexican Baseball League.

Tomateros risked their lives and started on fire. Ramiro Peña took advantage of a groundout by Joey Meneses and scored Tomateros’ first run since the first inning.

It was another difficult start for the Caporales. From the start of the match they rowed against the current and their reaction attempts were abolished with double kills in the first and second innings.

Nick Struck silenced the Guadalajara cops. The pitcher kept Culiacán’s advantage in the first two innings, but the third was the charm. And it is that for the third inning the bases were filled with Charros and Japhet Amador blew up the stadium after hitting an RBI single that put Jalisco ahead 2-1 on the scoreboard.

It was Javier Solano’s turn. The starter of the Charros had the responsibility to maintain the advantage, but he could not reach the promised zone. The “Terrorist” retired throwing for 4.2 innings and on the fifth roll he allowed another two runs with which Tomateros now led 3-2.

But true to form, the Charros came from behind and tied immediately. Japhet Amador appeared again. The “Little Puppy” hit a sacrifice fly and Amadeo Zazueta rang the register to tie the score 3-3 after five complete innings.

Japhet was the hero. He had towed the three stripes from Jalisco with timely hits. However, he made a mistake that cost them defeat. Agustín Murillo had shown off with a little gem defensively, but he threw poorly and the “Little Puppy” failed in his fielding from the first pad.

Efrén Navarro reached base for Culiacán and in the eighth inning it meant the fourth run for the Guindas.

Still in the ninth episode, Joey Meneses he drove in another run and Tomateros sentenced the final victory of 5-3.

In this way the series reached its maximum and this Saturday the champion of the Mexican Pacific League will be defined in a definitive duel of kill or die. The margin of error is over, whoever wins will be champion.



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