‘They criticized us, but we do know how to play soccer’

The Brazilians of Cougars they do know how to play soccer, and it was only a matter of time before they proved it.

And it is that since the arrival of the previous tournament, Higor Meritao, Rogerio de Oliveira Y Diogo de Oliveira they have had to endure criticism, doubts, ridicule and even insults made by those who doubted them; however, today Universidad is the super leader of the competition and the best offense (with eight goals), and it is partly thanks to the three of them, who have scored five of the goals they have scored Cougars.

“We are experiencing an incredible moment for us because a club like Cougars which is huge and should be where it is now.

“Many people were speaking ill of us, that does not affect me at all because the three of us know how to play soccer, but we must continue to improve to show that we Brazilians from Pumas know how to play soccer,” said Diogo de Oliveira to RECORD.

In the last Matchday 1, the three South Americans scored and beat Toluca 5-0, and on the second date he only scored Roger by beating 1-3 to Queretaro, a fact that makes all the Brazilians happy, who have helped to ‘sustain’ the team while the Argentines Freire, Dinenno and Álvarez, have not been due to injury.

“Against Toluca it was an incredible night for the three of us because we were being heavily criticized by many people.

“I have spoken with Rogerio, with Merit We are calm and that things come out naturally and only by working well, and I always carry that inside of me and that is why I remain calm,” he said.

Higor Meritao and Rogerio de Oliveira celebrate a goal


Last day’s game, in which Cougars beat Queretaro 1-3, Marco Garcia, auriazul midfielder, left the fibula fractured, a situation that Diogo de Oliveira It hurts him, because the Brazilian striker has one of his best friends in the youth squad since he came to Mexico, so talking about Garcia’s injury is not easy for Diogo.

“My little brother (Marco). He is fine, but what happened to him was a very ugly thing.

“I don’t like to talk about it, but he’s going to come back even stronger, it hurts because he’s a good boy, who helped me a lot since I got here and what he’s going through hurts me, but it’s part of football,” he told RECORD.

Marco García in a match with Pumas


“Dinenno is a very important piece for Pumas, he has to play, he’s a scorer and he has to be on the pitch. For Lillini it’s doing what’s best for Pumas, putting in the top 11”.

“At that moment, I spoke (in the game against Toluca) with Lillini when I went to drink water and told him I was going to score a goal and I did. Then he told me that he knew he knew I was going to score a goal.”

“I improved my physique a lot because I had never played at height and today I don’t suffocate anymore. I have to work on the ball because I still haven’t assimilated the speed and because soccer in Uruguay isn’t as fast as it is here.”


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