The cry of Adele, forced to suspend her show

The artist has been forced to postpone her show in Las Vegas, as she has explained through tears on her social networks.

The pandemic continues to rage. Almost two years after confinement, COVID-19 continues to give us trouble of all kinds. The sixth wave is being especially virulent with regard to the transmission of the virus and the accumulated incidence is skyrocketing. Outbreaks are the order of the day both in schools and in work groups, and this is precisely what has forced the singer Adele to indefinitely postpone the fixed show that was scheduled to premiere today in Las Vegas, United States.

Through tears, halfway between sadness and rage, the British artist announced through a video posted on her official Instagram profile that she had to postpone this “residence”, as artists usually call this type of show. fixed in the city of casinos and neon lights.

I’m sorry but my show is not ready. […] We’ve tried everything to get it on time and good enough“, he says in the video.

The specific reason that Adele’s show in Las Vegas cannot be released on the scheduled date is that she has “half” of her team infected with coronavirus, which has caused delays in the production of the show to accumulate. Adele admits feeling “angry and embarrassed” for having to make this decision just one day before the scheduled premiere date, since it affects many people who already had tickets for her series of concerts.

The English singer planned to give two concerts every weekend until April 16 at the Caesar Hotel Coliseum, one of the most important theaters in the media city located in the middle of the Mojave desert, in the US state of Nevada. Such was the expectation when the concerts were announced in November of last year that tickets reached prices of around 600 dollars. But in the video shared on Instagram, Adele reiterates that it is “impossible” to start the residence on time, a format that world music stars such as Elton John, Mariah Carey or, more recently, Jennifer Lopez, among others, have already starred in the past. much others.

At the moment, neither Adele nor her team have reported the new start date for their shows in Las Vegas. The decision, for now, is to postpone them indefinitely.

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