Novak Djokovic: After controversy in Australia, the Serbian buys a firm that develops medicine against COVID

After the controversy in Australia, the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic became 80% owner of the Danish firm QuantBioRes, that develops a treatment against COVID-19, the company reported yesterday, Wednesday, January 20.

The director of the firm, Ivan Loncarevic, revealed to the digital edition of the BT newspaper that the company has been officially registered since June 2020 and that its plan is to manufacture a medicine against the coronavirus, but not a vaccine.

“We are prepared to design a treatment that can block the mechanism of infection between the coronavirus and our cells,” Loncarevic told BT.

The plan is that the treatment undergoes clinical trials in London next summer before being approved by the corresponding health authorities.

According to Loncarevic, it was through his contacts that he managed to attract several investors, including Djokovic and his wife Jelena.

“When I started working with this, I defined the project, I made a business plan, I explained who was going to participate, what it would cost, and I made an official document that I sent to different people who I thought might be interested,” he explained.

Djokovic was deported from Australia last Sunday, after a court in that country authorized the cancellation of his visa, on a second occasion, for not being vaccinated.

In this way, the world number one he will not be able to defend his title at the Australian Open.




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