Not only Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie also wore the blood of a famous actor on her neck

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have one of the closest relationships polemics of the moment due to its strange practices.

And it is that a few days ago compromised and it was known that his spectacular ring has some thorns that they will hurt if you try to take it off, because according to the singer, “love hurts”.

In addition, the famous actress said that after becoming engaged they had drunk each other’s blood, something that is very strange for many people.

But, that is not all, and it is that the singer wears a necklace with a drop of Megan’s blood, that she gave him when they were going to be separated for work, so that he would have something of her and remember her.

But nevertheless, Megan fox she is not the only one who has these eccentric practices with her partner, Angelina Jolie also had them with her husband for three years, fellow actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Angelina Jolie wore her husband’s blood on her neck

Recently, the son of Billy, Harry, gave an interview, and assured that Megan and Machine are just a copy of their father and Angelina, remembering the strange practices that these had.

And it’s so much Angelina and Billy wore a necklace with each other’s blood, something that was even stranger in the 2000s.

“Angie came home one day with two of those kits that are used to make necklaces with your grandmother’s photo, or something like that. We were apart a lot because she was out doing Tomb Raider and she thought it would be interesting and romantic if we cut our fingers a little bit with a razor blade, smeared the blood on the medallions and put them on, “explained the actor in an interview in the 2018.

For them it was something normal, and even romantic. “It was like you cut a little finger on your finger and pressed for a fingerprint. It was a sweet and romantic gesture.” said the actor.

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