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Samsung brings to Mexico its new smart projector The Freestyle. It is a projector that also has smart TV and smart speaker capabilities, and promises screens of up to 100 inches at home.

The Freestyle has an official price in Mexico of 20,999 pesos, and it’s already on presale at the Samsung Store online store.

Recently unveiled at CES 2022, the Freestyle is a projector that promises screens from 30 to 100 inches. The best thing is that this multimedia experience can be taken anywhere thanks to its small size and weight of just 830 grams.

The promise of Freestyle is to turn almost any surface into a screen., since its design allows a rotation of up to 180 °, so a wall, table or even the ceiling can become the canvas to view multimedia content in Full HD + quality. In addition, the projector integrates automatic focus correction, leveling and color calibration, as well as image scaling and movement, to achieve the best possible image quality effortlessly.

Samsung Freestyle Launch Price Mexico Features

The Freestyle also has smart TV features, such as the integration of services streaming, mirroring screen of Samsung and iOS televisions and smartphones with AirPlay 2, direct content transmission to the projector and also has HDMI and USB-C ports.

To complement the viewing experience, The Freestyle also integrates smart speaker functions to offer 360 surround sound, according to Samsung, but also for voice control, either with the Bixby home assistant, or with Amazon Alexa.

Samsung Freestyle Mexico Launch Official Price Features Technical Sheet

For launch in Mexico, Samsung offers a discount on The Freestyle and its price is 18,999 pesos. This special discount will be available during pre-sale at the Samsung Store until January 31, and will also give away the case Freestyle transportation.

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