Jennifer Lopez reveals 3 exercises you should do at home to have a perfect abdomen in a week

Jennifer Lopez lit up social networks with a video in which she shared the details of her intense sports routine and to our surprise the famous looks stronger than ever, so we are inspired by the exercises she practices to tone our body, in addition to getting a Perfect abdomen.

Did you intend to start your fitness life this year? JLo shows us how to start this good practice, so take note of the exercises that you must do frequently to shape your silhouette as you wish, remember that your greatest motivation should be health.

Exercises that JLo does to have a flat abdomen

Through her Instagram account, the interpreter of “Change the step” published a short clip in which she shows her sports discipline, so we show you the exercises that will help you forget about the abdominal “love handles”:

leg raises

Lie on your back and place your legs extended; raise them together, wait two seconds, lower without touching the floor. Repeat for 20 consecutive times, the trick is in the residence of the abdomen when going up and down, so you must make sure you have control of all movements.

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Exercise 1

To tone your arms we recommend lifting weights with dumbbells; you just have to position your upper extremities as if they were relaxed and load the weight with lifts that reach your chest while bending your elbows. Repeat for 15 times without stopping, also focusing the strength on the biceps.

Exercise 2

With the weight that you support, raise both arms as if you were drawing an ‘L’ with them, close towards your head and return, repeat for 15 times. This option will help you strengthen your back and eliminate the ‘love handles’ that form in the back of your body.

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