Atlético de San Luis vs Juárez: Goals, Summary and Videos

With little show Juarez managed to get the victory against Athletic San Luis, who has not known victory in the current competition; while those from the border add their first win away from home.

The local team was the first to approach their rival’s door; however, he was unable to complete his moves and let the ball escape after several failed shots.

With little football, unfortunately, the first half was overshadowed by the injuries suffered by both squads and changes in their line-ups began very early.

By the Athletic San Luis I enter John Castro substituting for Ricardo Chavez and on the side of Juarez I enter James Gomez instead of Fabian Castillo and finally the goalkeeper Hugo Gonzalez he also had to leave the field.

At the end of the first part, the potosinos were left with 10 men on the pitch after the expulsion of Javier Guemez, who made a bad move inside the area on Matthias Garcia, so the VAR decided that the maximum penalty will be marked.

Anderson Leite celebrating a goal with FC Juárez against Atlético de San Luis

However, the braves they drowned out the cry of goal, because the goalkeeper Marcelo Barovero became the hero of the night, as he prevented the ball from shaking his net and the Argentine ariel garcia missed the opportunity to break zero for zero.

For the complementary part, the second time was the charm, since Juarez he had his second penalty in favor and it was Anderson Leite, who opened the scoring at 82′ from eleven steps and finished the 0-1.

Braves players celebrating Anderson Leite's touchdown


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