Stoichkov busts Pizarro: ’45 million in the trash’

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Rodolfo Pizarro returns to Liga MX after going through the Inter Miami of the MLS. The midfielder returns to Rayados de Monterrey with the hope of recovering his best level and that this will be enough for him to go to Qatar 2022 with El Tri. The expectation in his return is so high that his signing it was qualified What bombHowever, a football legend does not believe that the Pachuca youth squad deserves that label.

Hristo Stoichkov, Barcelona legend and 1994 Ballon d’Or winner, assured in TUDN that investments that have been made for him (from Chivas until his return to Monterrey) they went to the trash, since its performance, in his opinion, falls short compared to what is expected of the player.

“15 million Chivas paid Pachuca for Pizarro, hethen 18 million Monterrey paid for him, Inter paid 12, a total of 45 millions (of dollars) whatEU they have gone to the trash“, pointed out the now analyst of the television network.

On the other hand, the Bulgarian recognized the talent that the Mexican has on his feet, toa what detected a defect which could be the trigger for the great drops in performance that it sometimes has: “I don’t see the spirit of a winning guy.”

“In Rayados he must be 500% physically”

Carlos Pavon, Honduran former soccer player who passed through Toluca and San Luis, shared Stoichov’s opinion Y He added that he does not see him as a starter in the Rayados de Aguirre, since the Mexican coach is extremely demanding, so he must deliver an outstanding performance.

“No (I see it headline), imagine that it arrives at Rayados as a bomb andor I do not see it as a headline. He comes to Inter Miami where everyone assumed that it was going to be the springboard for him to go to Europe… and what happened? It was a shame! And noworno How can he explain that in Monterrey he is going to burst it? In Monterrey? dowith the requirement What does a coach like him ask of you? Basque? Have to isr not 100 percent 500 percent physically and engaged”.

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