Why did Gullit Peña leave Antigua? What the board explained

Mexico City /

Carlos “El Gullit” Pena unexpectedly left the Ancient Guatemalan, although this time it did not have to do with any indiscipline and it can even be assured that he was one of the best players in the club in the past semester.

Due to the uncertainty that was generated, Martín Machón, sports president of the club, clarified the reason for the goodbye, which its sole basis is the high salary received by the Mexican midfielder.

Gullit had no problem off the pitch or getting along badly with a teammate, not at all.. In the time he lasted here, his behavior was that of a professional player, in the fullest sense of the word,” the manager explained in statements to ESPN.

He also clarified that he was the highest paid player in the club, without wanting to go into details of his perceptions.

During your stay at the institution, Peña played 16 games and scored four goals in two games, against Deportivo Iztapa and Deportivo Guastatoya, which made him one of the darlings of the fans.


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