What are the BEST BANKS in Mexico? CONDUSEF presents updated list

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The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF), in its financial guidance and education work, prepares several quarterly tables of ratings of different financial entities, mainly insurance companies, Afores and Banks of Mexico.

On this occasion, we bring you the most current list of ratings of each bank in the country, this based on three items that take into account the CONDUSEF: number of claims of users, response time and percentage of resolution in favor of the Mexicans. With these three points to evaluate, it will surely be a little easier for you to decide on a Bank or other when requesting a product or service banking or financial: a debit account, a credit card, a mortgage loan, insurance, etc. Take a look at the information and take it into account!

During the months of July to September 2021, bank claims made by Mexicans amounted to 1 million 507 thousand 309, just 0.6% less than the second quarter figure of 1 million 516 thousand 671.


In which bank are you most likely to make a claim?

In this period, the banks with the highest number of claims for every 10 thousand contracts, they were: scotiabank with 71, Inbursa Bank with 67 and HSBC with 54. In contrast, top rated banks with fewer user complaints were: BBVA and Citibanamex were the banks that obtained favorable results, 19 and 34, respectively.

In which bank do you solve more in your favor?

Regarding the percentage of resolution favorable to the user during the third quarter of 2021, banks with more issues in favor of the user They were: Citibanamex 50%, followed by bancoppel 42% and Bank Inbursa 41%. With less favorable resolution they turned out HSBC with 28% and Azteca Bank with 15%.

Resolutions in favor of users

How long does the bank take to solve you?

Lastly, they reveal the fastest banks when resolving a dispute. The banks that take the longest in resolving a complaint are: scotiabank with 24 days, followed by Banorte with 23 and Santander with 22. In response time, fastest banks Banamex with 17 working days and BBVA with 13 business days.

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