University of Baseball Announced; pioneer of the country that will train talents

Tonight the presidents of the 10 baseball jurisdictional zones as well as the leaders of both the State Association and the State Baseball League gathered to see the project of the Chihuahua University of Baseball crystallized.

The announcement of the creation of the university was led by Governor Maru Campos, the director of the Chihuahuan Institute of Sport and Physical Culture Teporaca Romero, Guillermo Armenta, a professional player who will lead the project, the commissioner of the National Board of Directors of the Mexican Baseball Federation , José Antonio Barrera, among other personalities.

“A great dream is crystallized for this sport, to be able to collect these seedbeds throughout the entity and that they did not have the possibility of being able to develop talents, abilities, skills and that potential,” said Maru Campos.

The Governor was pleased to start the year with this great project that will have a positive impact on young people and children as well as all the people who share the passion and vocation for this sport.

He indicated that Chihuahua is a great benchmark for sports in the country and with the vision of promoting it even more, the new Chihuahua University of Baseball was born.

“We pulled the blanket very hard with the budget, we left the university money in a separate little box, we had reserved a little more for what was offered, we are sure that the university will grow, it is good news that in times of crisis, the first beneficiaries are the children and youth in baseball,” he said.

For his part, Guillermo Armenta pointed out that the University will mark the before and after of baseball, a technical project where all Chihuahuans, coaches and players, the entire region of the state, will be a participant and will have the same opportunities,”

He explained that agreements will be signed with the LMB to secure participation in events, recruitment and consulting, which will be unique in its kind in the country.

Memo Armenta said that the University will level the study with the importance of playing baseball, it will supply the state baseball league and it will be sought that all young people are channeled to professional baseball at any of its levels.


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