The French bulldog, the famous dog that is loot of thieves

Lady Gaga offered a $500,000 reward for her French bulldogs; in the end he was able to get his dogs back. Photo: AFP

The two thugs who violently pointed a gun at Marieke Bayens, a 27-year-old Californian, wanted neither her bag nor her life. They loved Merlyn, the little dog that was walking, because he was a french bulldog.

  • From New York to Los Angeles, from miami to chicago, the thefts of specimens of this dog breed are increasing steadily in the United States

Small, and therefore easy to grab and carry, a french bulldog it is sold for thousands of dollars on the black market for being the favorite dog of the stars.

Lady Gaga, the most famous victim of the kidnapping of her French bulldog

The most famous victim was Lady Gaga. Last year, gunmen kidnapped two of his French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav. In the operation they opened fire and injured the employee in charge of walking them.

  • The singer offered $500,000 reward and finally recovered his two companions

Marieke Bayens suffered a similar blow in Oakland while walking Merlyn, the dog a friend had given her. The assault It happened in the middle of the street on November 26 at six in the afternoon.

“I was waiting for Merlyn to finish pooping when I saw two people approaching. At first I wasn’t suspicious because they had a mask like everyone else, but I noticed they were wearing gray gloves, and that caught my attention.”

Marieke Bayens

Mariake remembers how her dog was taken from her:

“An instant later, one was in front of me pointing his gun at my face. He told me: ‘Give me the dog! The other had already grabbed Merlyn from the ground, and at my lack of response, the one holding the gun snatched the strap from my hands. They ran to their car and fled down a street in the opposite direction.”

In other parts of the country, police observe the same cold determination among the “Frenchies” thieves.

Victims of their dog theft are often mugged while out for a walk. Photo: AFP

Why is the French bulldog attractive to thieves?

Last year, Sarah Vorhaus shocked San Franciscans by testifying with a swollen face: the young woman in her thirties had recounted the armed robbery she had been the victim of by three men, one of whom had brutally beaten her before to take Chloe, her five-month-old bulldog puppy.

Because the french bulldogs Are they the target of criminals? First because of their purchase price – between $3,500 and $5,000 on average, or even more – and then because they are difficult to obtain, says Brandi Hunter Munden, vice president of the American Kennel Club.

“It is a breed that does not have large litters and finding one can take time. The fact that they are becoming more and more popular explains the increase in the number of thefts. But the use of violence is a new and worrying phenomenon”

Comment the specialist

French bulldog thefts are on the rise in the United States. Photo: AFP

How to avoid the kidnapping of your dog?

Before the wave of “dognapping” (pun between dog = dog and kidnapping = kidnapping), experts recommend to protect the precious one you can place an electronic chip, never leave it unattended, keep your identity documents in a safe place, close the cat doors so that it does not come out , equip it with a GPS collar, be careful with strangers entering the house…

But the most important advice, and probably the least followed, concerns the social networks: avoid at all costs post photos or videos of the dog, easily geolocatable.

  • Countless Famous They skip this rule: actors, athletes, musicians, models, influencers…

The french bulldog fashion he has seduced celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, Michael Phelps, Chrissy Teigen and Hillary Duff.

no wonder that Hollywood has become b robbery red zoneuldogs.

At the end of December, a resident of the glamorous town almost lost his life near Sunset Boulevard. Robert Marinelli was walking Luca, his eight-year-old bulldog, when he was ambushed.

Violently beaten by two robbers and dragged on the ground by the criminals’ car, he was hospitalized with severe burns.

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