Scenarios for the Mandate Revocation exercise

The National Electoral Institute (INE) has the constitutional and legal obligation to carry out the exercise of Revocation of MandateFor this reason, a few days ago the General Council, the highest management body, held a session in which it approved a series of additional budget adjustments that resulted in the fact that, of the 3,830 million pesos programmed for this fiscal year, the amount now budgeted for the revocation of mandate will be reduced to 3,306 million pesos and, with the approved adjustments, the INE will reach around 2,091 million pesos of budget sufficiency for this exercise.

In this context and in response to what was determined by the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) in the electoral trial SUP-JE-282/2021 and joined, in which, among other aspects, it established that, if the respective budget insufficiency persists, it will carry out the pertinent steps before the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, to request the budget increase that this exercise of citizen participation would imply.

This is how the INE requested from said federal body the amount of 1,738 million pesos so that resources can be released to finance the activities of this process.

However, and given the impossibility that these resources can be delivered to the INE, or only part of them, a series of scenarios have been arranged that could be implemented.

In this sense, the INE has basically programmed two possible scenarios with two different budgets that would have a series of implications that I point out below:

– In scenario A, that is, the ideal of having the 3,306 million pesos programmed, a total of 161,490 booths would be installed throughout the country; 5,429 electoral supervisors would be hired, as well as 32,429 electoral assistant trainers, and there would be 807,450 poll workers.

– In scenario B, assuming that there is a budget of around 2,091 million pesos, which is the most feasible up to now, it would be necessary to continue analyzing savings routes such as the ones I have proposed for a couple of months, such as example, that staff of Local Public Organizations (OPL) that they consider it appropriate, collaborate in the tasks of supervision and training of citizens, as well as regarding the feasibility that their electronic ballot boxes can be used for this exercise; that Talleres Graficos de México be asked to print electoral documents free of charge or at lower costs; that the expenses contemplated for social communication be reduced and, on the contrary, require more time from the State on radio and television, as empowered by the Mandate Revocation Law itself; the implementation of Voting Centers to reduce financial, human, technical and installation costs; the reduction in the printing of training materials, among others.

The first two requests, to the OPLs and to the Graphic Workshops, have already been made and we have begun to receive responses. An OPL, the one from Colima, responded on January 12 that it could make 98 Electoral Supervisors available to the organization of the Mandate Revocation.

As can be seen, scenario A was built considering all current legal and regulatory aspects, mainly what is mandated in the Federal Law for Revocation of Mandate and General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures, as well as the experience accumulated by the INE. However, it is integrating another series of scenarios to comply with this constitutional obligation.

Now, it seems to me that in an exercise such as the Revocation of Mandate in which citizens will be able to express themselves in the month of April about their perception of the President of the Republic, regarding whether or not he should remain in office, It should be considered a serious process, since it involves a matter of national interest and in which the entire population aged 18 and over who has their voter ID can participate.

Not having enough resources can open a dangerous path for our democracy that has been built with a lot of work in recent decades. The democracy, when it comes to people’s participation, they should not spare neither efforts nor fair, rational and sufficient resources for carrying out an exercise that is carried out for the first time.

The INE has already done its part by making various adjustments to its budget. We will respectfully analyze those made by the Executive Branch, with full respect for our autonomy and compliance with our obligations. Now it’s time for the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit review, analyze and weigh the request sent by the INE, so that this exercise of citizen participation, which is the obligation of all instances of the Mexican State, is carried out with all the guarantees and the highest standards that prevail in electoral processes .

Electoral advisor of the INE.


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