Penlope Cruz, a ‘cinema’ life: from ‘tame’ to her love for acting, Javier Bardem, Almodvar…

“That day I decided I wanted to be an actress.” this is how Penlope Cruz I was duped into a profession such as being a movie actress. He did it thanks to the plot of ‘tame‘. They intervene in it Victoria April and Antonio Banderas… work of his beloved Pedro Almodvar.

The world of acting comes from seeing the film ‘tame’ by Pedro Almodvar… and from the her mother’s hairdresser, where she herself admits that she began her acting career.

His progression was such that over time, a long time, it became The first Spanish actress to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame..

His first performance on the big screen came with the film ‘The Greek Labyrinth’, directed by Rafael Alczar in 1990. With ‘ham, ham’ got her first nomination for the Goya Awards, but it is curious above all that it was where she met her future husband for the first time: Javier Bardem, although that spark would take many years to come.

Although that film elevated her, it was traumatic for Penlope due to the high sexual content of the film that marked her psychologically for life. But with ‘beautiful bit’ by Fernando Trueba, won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, which gave it some international projection, and changed its luck. and arrived ‘Sharpy Meat’, his first job with Almodvar, and with which he closed the circle of ‘tame’.

participate in ‘All about my mother’ and ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ and came to Hollywood.

Hello Javier Bardem, in ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’

In Vicky Cristina Barcelona the flame between Cruz and Bardem was lit despite the fact that they had already coincided in ‘Jamn jamn’. Although before he had been with the musician Nacho Cano. Already in Hollywood, Penlope maintained a relationship with Tom Cruise after ‘Vanilla Sky’, which was followed by the Texan actor Matthew McConaughey. In addition to an affair with Matt Damon.

And Javier Bardem arrived. The first great officialization of the couple arrived at the Lumiere theater of the Palais des Festivals de Cannes. To Penlope’s left sat Pilar Bardem, to her right, Javier. The Palme d’Or was awarded for Best Male Performance, which Bardem won for ‘Biutiful’. He gets up, kisses Penlope and Gonzlez Irritu and makes an iconic speech: “I share this happiness with my friend, with my partner, with my love. Penlope, I owe you many things and I love you very much.”

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