Mental health of home office workers

Depression, anxiety, irritability, physical pain and inability to make decisions are some of the consequences of not prioritizing the well-being of workers

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Mental health is a topic that gained greater interest during the pandemic, especially when confinement forced people to shelter in their homes and problems of stress and depression grew due to isolation and work overload that came from the hand of home office.

According to the IMSS, 75% of Mexicans suffer from fatigue due to work stress, even surpassing countries such as the United States or China, while the study “Work Stress in Mexico” by the MX Internet Association and OCCMundial, stated that the 60% of workers suffered from it due to their environment and the long working hours that were orchestrated with remote work.

Although issues such as stress, exhaustion or depression are not new, the pandemic made them visible, especially in the work areas, since tending to the mental health of employees allows maintaining healthy and healthy work environments. Consequently, increase their productivity, because otherwise, consequences can be registered that affect the health of the workers and their closest environment due to the labor and personal imbalance.

Consequences of not dealing with work stress

  1. reduces productivity, makes it difficult to concentrate, reduces problem-solving and decision-making abilities
  2. you are more likely to make mistakes
  3. decreases quality of life, causes confusion and forgetfulness
  4. can cause physical illnesses such as headaches, back or neck pain, upset stomach, fatigue, infections, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, increased blood pressure, exhaustion
  5. can cause depression, anxiety, irritability, bad mood, frustration, exhaustion, impotence, insecurity, lack of motivation, intolerance
  6. can lead to family problems and less effective thinking
  7. increases risk of alcoholism and other addictions

After the increase in stress in workers, which in many cases becomes chronic, the World Health Organization (WHO) established the term burnout as a work disease that must be treated, and for that reason, Zurich Mexico -specialist in risk management and prevention-, shared some advice to deal with the problem.

How to take care of mental health at work

  • balanced diet: eating healthy, with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals helps maintain good physical and mental health
  • to rest: sleeping six to eight hours a day allows the body and mind to recover and fulfill all its functions
  • time: do not exceed the established work time and in the case of remote work, give priority to digital disconnection when needed
  • breathe technology: in the home office it is suggested to reduce exposure to screens only for what is necessary and connect with nature
  • altruismHelping others with good causes through community service or volunteer activities brings purpose, fulfillment, and peace of mind
  • leisure: taking a moment for everything allows you to keep your mind relaxed, whether it is spending time reading a book, listening to music, walking or anything else that generates well-being
  • to meditate: including meditation or yoga to the weekly routine can help reduce stress, improve sleep and spirituality, help concentration and keep the mind relaxed
  • positive environment: getting away from toxic people or situations and surrounding yourself with those that are valuable and inspiring helps well-being
  • seek professional help: leaning on an expert is always an opportunity to get to know yourself better, so you should not be afraid to seek the help of a mental health professional

Following these tips is a good first step to start generating personal well-being that will in turn be reflected in the family, and of course in the workplace, because as the American psychologist Wayne Dyer said: “the state of your life is no more Than a reflection of the state of your mind.

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